Top LimeLife Sets to Save you Money NOW

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If you’re like me you’re always looking for a bargain. Trying to save money has always been at the top of my to-do list. The good news is that LimeLIfe by Alcone offers a number of ways to reduce your costs and enjoy high-quality makeup and skincare products. You can find many of these items on the LimeLife by Alcone website but I’ll make it very easy for you to locate these with ease.

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  1. Lips

If you’re like me wearing a variety of lip products may be a task that you truly enjoy doing. Limelife offers many lip products and you can purchase any two of these for $35 that are listed below and these come in a wide range of colors:

Lip liner

Enduring lip color

Perfect Lip Gloss

Perfect Lipstick

Perfect Lip Balm

Perfect Lip Mask

Perfect Lip Scrub

You can choose any TWO of these lip products and keep in mind that the lippies do come in a wide range of colors. Click HERE to build your bundle.

2. Eyes

Who doesn’t need several eye products to help give you a fantastic look for any occassion? If you’re like most people, you may need to wear an eyeliner, mascara and eyebrows to have a put together look.

The good news is that you can purchase any TWO of these products for ONLY $40 and you can choose from the ones below:

Perfect Mascara

Perfect Waterproof Mascara


Liquid Eyeliner

Two sided eyeliner

Gel liner

Stike it Rich Brow Gel

Click HERE to build your bundle and grab TWO eye products while they’re on sale.

3. Foundation

It’s a fact you can never have enough foundation. Regardless if you want to wear makeup daily or just when the mood strikes, you’ll want to have plenty on hand. Click HERE to read about the many benefits of this Wax-based foundation.

You can get one full sized foundation for ONLY $40 BUT if you really like saving money you may want to click HERE and grab TWO for $70. This is a significant savings and click HERE to find your color match.

4. Simply Pretty Collection

If you’re more of just having the basics around, you may truly enjoy the simply pretty collection. This item comes with the products below:

  1. Mascara
  2. Lip Gloss
  3. Choice of eyebrow pencil or gel.
  4. Nice case to place these inside.

Click HERE to make this purchase and enjoy all you need for a quick makeup look.

5. Spray and Stay

Once you go to the trouble of putting your makeup in place,you’ll want to be certain it stays there. The best way to make this possible is to use a spray primer to allow your foundation to last longer.

Once you get finished with all of your makeup products put in place, you’ll want to use a finishing spray to ensure all of your makeup remains in place throughout the day.

The good news is you can get this set for ONLY $55 and click HERE to buy it. The best news is these are all natural ingredients and will allow your skin to look and feel great!

6. Moisturizer and Cleanser

Having skin that looks fantastic should be foremost on your mind. Regardless of what your skin loos like it won’t look better with makeup if it’s not in good condition.

I love the Skin Therapy and Quench Cleanser because it’s geared towards more mature and dry skin. The good news is you can get this entire set for ONLY $60 and click HERE to buy it.

7. Moisturizer, Cleanser, and Exfoliator

Taking the best care of your skin will certainly mean using the right exfoliator products and one of these is the Skin Polish. This is huge tub of product and it will last you for months.

The good news is you can get a moisturizer, cleanser and exfoliator for ONLY $95 and click HERE to build your bundle.

8. Sunscreen Set

One of the things you’ll really want to have onhand for your time in the summer is a good sunscreen. This is an excellent product that will prevent you from getting burned.

This set comes with three mini tubes that will help keep your skin well protected for many days to come. The good news is it’s ONLY $55 and click HERE to buy it.

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