The Abundance of Thankfulness

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Of all the Thanksgivings I have seen; this one must be the best yet. I’ve endured a long and grueling battle with my vision this year. One I never even knew existed until it happened to me. Of course, I knew I wasn’t getting any younger but have never truly felt my age.

My problem started in July and has taken over four months to improve. However, my heart is full of gratitude because I’m about 85% better. Have you ever thought of how hard it is to let go of a battle? It’s like you’ve lived it so long, you wait up daily to see it. I’m letting go of mine because I am better and almost to my original state. Thus, I am grateful, and this is where my abundance lies.

Through the years

I often think of all the days I’ve lived and how well I’ve been throughout my life. Yet, this hasn’t been by chance I don’t believe. I’ve done my best to take care of my health and exercise often.

However, my gratitude for being able to keep my body moving is more in-depth than words can ever express. I think I’m a bit shocked at all I can still do but it’s taken years of work go get here.

Life’s not easy and the things I’ve heard and seen throughout mine have been more than minor occurrences. Yet, I’m still grateful for every day.

I look back at the battles I fought and the victories I’ve won. I’m no longer afraid of what tomorrow can bring because I’ve lived through more than I thought I could.

That alone makes me thankful. Thankful that I’m strong, resilient and can make it through the hardships of life.

Joy in Victory

My eye battle with PVD has been the biggest one I’ve had thus far in my life and that’s saying quite a bit. I’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, the rejection of a spouse and so much more.

Yet, not knowing what every day would bring with my PVD battle truly stole my joy. I became very despondent and concerned about my well-being.

This has been a long drawn out battle, but I’ve healed a great deal. I never dreamt I’d get excited about not seeing floaters until this year. I still have a couple months to go but the improvement I’ve seen gives me hope I will mostly get better.

Feeding the spirit

I don’t think I’ve truly realized how crucial a happy, joyful or at least contented spirit is in this life. I see that more now after my problem.

Money can’t buy happiness they say but we all know it can make life easier or will it? I’ve come to realize through all these years what makes me happy.

It’s not a new purse, fancy car or even a tasty expensive meal. It’s joy. It’s peace and it’s contentment.

The anxiety I’ve experienced the last few months has been rough. It’s weighed on my soul, my heart and my spirit.

I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel joy like I’ve not felt in a long time. The joy of seeing another day after a good night’s rest. The happiness of still being able to put one foot in front of the other and smiling while going my two-mile walk.

The happiness of seeing clearer and the beauty of the sunshine, the glory of a rainy day or just sitting and feeling peace consume me like a child would hug a mom.

There’s power in being content and not needing a thing to ensure it. More power than I ever dreamt to be possible.

I want for nothing and thus, I have everything. I embrace the day not with what I can get but what I can feel and receive through my joy.

I’m here to tell you joy will emerge from gratitude. Once you win that battle that’s overtaken your mind, body and soul, there is indescribable joy.

Today, I’m thankful more than I’ve ever been in the past. I’m not young, I’m not old but I’m wise and strong.

I know there will be more battles, and this is why I savor the beauty of an ordinary day. The ones where the biggest decision is what’s for lunch. These are the best because this is where you gain your power for the storms.

Be thankful, grateful about whatever your life holds, and this is where you’ll find unspeakable joy.

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