My Journey with LimeLife Skincare Products

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I have to say I’m pretty passionate about LimeLife by Alcone beauty products. I’ve been using these for almost two years now and I’ve seen the results. I was skeptical like you may be and just didn’t want to invest money in things that DOESN’T work. I watched a lot of videos and followed a lot of people using Limelife. Were they looking younger? Did I think they looked better? Yes, I did and that’s when I begin to use the skincare products I’m about to share that have changed my skin.

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Ten Years Between These Pics

First off, I FIGHT aging. I mean I use my skincare routine morning and night. I keep my body moving and the first thing you may notice in this picture is I’ve lost weight.

YES, I did. I believe in the power of being active. However, my skin hasn’t changed dramatically! I contribute the use of my LimeLife by Alcone products in the last couple of years to being a massive part of this!!

Quench Cleanse

I cleanse with this each night before putting on my skincare routine. It’s fantastic and really cleans the skin like no other.

There’s aloe vera in this cleanser and wheat germ oil. Both of these ingredients will help minimize the effects of aging and is ideal for cleansing your skin. Click HERE to get this.

There’s a special deal going on now and you can get Quench Cleanse and Skin Therapy for ONLY $44! FREE Shipping with any $58 purchase. Click HERE to get this deal.


If you want firmer skin at my age, you have to work at it. I apply Sotox morning and night. It’s an anti-aging serum that firms up the skin. I use this LimeLife skin care product after cleansing my skin.

Sotox brightens, tightens and lightens the skin and man does it ever!! I see the difference in my forehead wrinkles and around my eyes. Click HERE to get this.

Skin Therapy

Does your moisturizer make your skin fantastic and instantly moisturized? Skin therapy will do just that and works to reduce the inflammation in the skin that comes with age. This is an amazing LimeLife by Alocone skin care product.

This moisturizer uses hydrating ingredients, such as Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Sterols. This item will immediately and visibly restore dry, aged, and inflamed skin. Click HERE to get this.

Keep in mind you can bundle this with Quench Cleanse for ONLY $44!!! Oh my goodness that’s a great deal.

This baby delivers and doesn’t rhyme with Botox for no reason! Ha. It’s $42 and will last you three to four months or does me. It only takes a dab.

Dew Date

Finally, in my arsenal of fighting age is Dew Date. It’s a facial oil that’s loaded with essential oils that FEED moisture back into the skin.

I LOVE this stuff and it is AMAZING in the winter months!!!! I won’t be without it and it’s ONLY $28!!! Again, this LimeLife product will last for three or four months. Click HERE to get this.

LimeLife helps me look younger, feel better and face the world with more confidence. Get your youth back and feel more confident EVERY single day. I’m used it, I love it and won’t go without my LimeLife fix!

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