Keep it Moving if You Want to Stay Young in 2020

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I have to say I’m a huge advocate of keeping the body moving. I’ve spent a lifetime at it, and it works. In all my years I’ve never had exercise lie to me, show up late or let me down! Yes, keeping it moving has saved my life! Oh, the stories I can tell that explain why this is so important to me. Have you ever been abandoned? Well, I have, and it’s not fun.  Yet, I’ve kept it moving because this is what got me through each tough day. Enough of that but more to come on! Let’s dive into top items you need to get in shape and stay there this year.

1.    Resistance bands

Are you tired of driving to the gym and want to do your workout at home? Well, I have to say I do drive 12 miles to the local gym and go through 18 stoplights to get there! So, it’s definitely a lot of effort!!

On the days, I don’t want to face the traffic nightmare I do mine at home workout! Not a soul around and boy does it save gas. Ha!

I rely on resistance bands to keep my body tone and in good shape. These are so easy to use and are affordable for any budget.

2.    Free weights

Well, you now know my age, so we have NO secrets, right? I firmly believe the only way to stay firm, (get that) is to do to some type of strength training or weight lifting.

No, I’m not talking about entering a body competition or having super large muscles. I mean just keeping your body firm.

Age does tend to drag things south, and I simply won’t tolerate it. Using free weights is a must if you want to get off the saggy train at my age!

3.    Cardio equipment

Having a healthy heart will require action, and this means a body that’s pumping! The good news is there are many types of cardio equipment on the market that will get your heartrate up while moving.

Regardless if you enjoy riding a bicycle or treading on a treadmill the options are endless. One thing you’ll want to have in your fitness arsenal is some type of cardio machine.

4.    Positive attitude

Lastly, but possibly the most important is your attitude. Yes, I said it because without this you may lose your desire to stay fit.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to sit on the couch, BUT my mind won’t allow it. I know this won’t get me the results I want.

Do whatever it takes to keep your mind strong and in a good place. Staying positive is a MUST if you want to be healthy, young and active.

Start 2020 off right and put your feet where your mouth is. Get off that couch and start moving for a better life and a healthier you! I can promise you it works! I’m so proud of all my steps.

Tune in tomorrow for more tips, tricks and advice for the best 2020 ever!!