How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in your Fifties

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If you know me or have me as your Facebook friend, you know I exercise. What you may not know is that it’s not as easy as it used to be. I mean, aging is tough. I’m alive and all that good stuff and trust me, and I don’t take this for granted. Yet, getting older isn’t easy. I often wonder why there isn’t a guidebook on aging. What steps do you choose to avoid major sickness and hardships through the years?  I’ve taken it day-by-day and age has taught me to do this more and more. I’m proud of what my body can still do. It’s amazed more than anything in this world so let’s talk about tips to keep it moving.


Yes, planning makes me do what I have to do. I may not always stick to the plan, but for the last few decades, I have. If you notice, I typically make a walking post on Facebook on Mondays because I ALWAYS walk two miles that day. It’s penciled in on my calendar.

I go to the gym on Tuesdays and know I’ll be there an hour and a half. That’s part of my PLAN! Honestly, it’s not easy, and the traffic is the hardest part of my workout. I go to downtown Fayetteville, and WHEW is all I have to say, BUT the traffic won’t stop me.

Why? Because my exercise has saved my life. I’m convinced of that more every single day. I’m not obese, my blood pressure is good, and I have no pain. Whoa, let’s go to the gym!!!


What keeps me moving when I want to sit? I have a long self-talk. I guess I do this for most things in my life and it works.

Who is going to save me? Me. What has kept my body in such good shape? Me. Why do I continue to exercise? It’s not about looks anymore. I’ll be the first to admit. It’s about the numbers, the good doctor visits and the pure joy of a body that can still move.

Fighting age

As much as I’ve tried to come with terms that I’m not young, I can’t. I mean, I’m not blind, I see the wrinkles, my hair has thinned, and gosh I miss my 20/20 vision, but I don’t feel old.

In fact, on a perfect day, I feel young. Like I’m 30 or something. WOW! Imagine how good I’d see without my readers!

I’m here to tell ya there is nothing going to fight age like moving your body. This is why I exercise and won’t stop exercising as long as I have breath. It keeps me young, and I’m happy.

Do what it takes to exercise and do it when you can. One step at a time, one day at a time and it all adds up sooner than you think. My walks are golden and my days of living without pain are my reward! I always wondered when I was younger how I’d feel at this age. Well, much better than I ever dreamed possible!

Keep it moving, ladies!!!