How to Avoid Smudging your Mascara

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One of the things you’ll want to do when using the best mascara is to ensure it goes on smoothly and looks great. This will mean preventing it from smudging which is a problem that occurs for many women. Putting these tried and true tips to work is sure to have your mascara and lashes looking fantastic.

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  1. Use a hyposensitive mascara

If you have sensitive eyes like most people, you may need to rely on a top rated mascara brand like LimeLife by Alcone. This incredible beauty brand is at the top of the line when it comes to mascara.

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  • Consider setting powder

You may not think of putting a setting powder under your eyes but this is a fantastic idea to prevent your mascara from smudging. You may have a special setting powder you keep on your vanity or you may be looking  for a new one.

Selecting LimeLife  by Alcone’s setting powder will have your mascara staying place better than ever before. Making this wise purchase will allow you to the best looking lashes without the fallout that could ruin your look. Click HERE to purchase this amazing item.

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  • Curl your lashes

It only takes a few minutes to give your lashes a huge lift. Having a curling device on hand is always a good idea.

You’ll want to only choose the highest of quality when it comes to this tool and that is exactly what LimeLife by Alcone offers. Click HERE to buy it.

  • Don’t forget the lash primer

If you want to go an extra step and really allow your lashes to look longer and thicker it’s time to rely on a lash primer to help you do so. These come in a variety of price ranges and finding one that suits your budget doesn’t have to be hard.

Of course, this will take a bit of extra time and effort so you’ll want to be prepared for that.

  • Buy a mascara brush

There are specific brushes that are out on the market today and allow you to separate the  mascara with ease. Tiny brushes that are easy to use to waggle between your lashes can prevent smudges.

One of the top things that can cause you looking like you’ve been  in a fist fight is having lashes with clumped mascara. Simply use one of the mascara brushes and give your lashes a good brush.

  • Select an eyeshadow primer

Another effective way to keep your mascara in place is to use an eyeshadow primer. Doing this will help keep your eyelids in the best shape and will smooth out any rough edges.

Many people love wearing an eyeshadow primer as a simple daily look and this is one way to help you have a little color and appear put together.

You can have a fantastic mascara and lash experience when you take the time to put these tried and true tips to work.

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