Gratitude is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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I think the older I get, the more grateful I am. I’m not wealthy, young, or amazing to most people. That doesn’t matter. I am grateful. I will tell you why this is so important to your health and your life if you don’t know. We hear this all the time about being thankful for this that and the other thing. Yet, how many people practice it? Honestly, this blog is motivated by a very sad tale recently I’ve learned. I won’t share the details because it’s not my intent to put other’s business out there, but it’s tugged at my heart.

I live in a place where people come and go more than most. I don’t get attached. That’s just my personality and time, and time again I’m glad I don’t. People wave speak and may help you if you’re dying, but I don’t know that for a fact because I’m still living.

The things I’ve seen from afar have touched me. The good, the bad and in between. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about gratitude. Today, I’m grateful I’m not a lady that I once knew. What she did has saddened me greatly. Not so much for her but the people involved. I’m grateful I’m not her today and for the rest of the days of my life.

Practicing gratitude

Maybe this only happens as you get older that you begin to wonder how you’ve lived so long. You all know I’m big on exercise and it’s by far the best arsenal you have in your anti-aging arsenal.

It has saved my life, and I’m convinced of that more and more each day. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to keep my body moving. Did I think I could still do so well at this age? No.

You have to get into a habit of waking up and being grateful. For instance, I woke up thinking of the horrific knowledge I learned about this person yesterday. It instantly came to mind that I’m thankful I’m not her.

How gratitude helps

I’ve had my share of bad days. The ones that hit you in the gut and stop you in your tracks. Some days simply immobilize you. Yeah, I’ve had those.

Like the time I was told my dad died, or the day my mom died. Those are earth shattering, and there’s no easy way to go on but putting one step in front of the other. It takes time and time isn’t something we know we have.

Or the times I’ve been done wrong for no reason at all other than being in my shoes. We all could go on and on but gratitude has helped me get through the worst of days and it can you.

I’ve lived long enough to know there is always a better day coming. Yet, you have to focus on this. I see this more and more with age. I’m grateful for knowing this and for the life I’ve lived.

Above all today I’m thankful I’ve never intentionally hurt another person. I’m grateful I’m walking in my shoes today and not this other person. My shoes are worn and full of stories, but they are clean and free of hurt.

Be grateful and make it a habit. You’ll soon see all the good it does your mind, body and spirit. What is the alternative? There is none that will help like gratitude.