Four Products you GET with LimeLife’s Birthday Cake Collection

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Who doesn’t love birthday cake, right? Well, if you’re a lover of makeup, this deal is for you. LimeLife is celebrating five years of being in a successful business and you get the reward. You can save money and buy items that will help improve your appearance with great ease. Sounds like a winning situation, uh? Well, it is and you don’t want to miss out on LimeLife’s by Alcone birthday cake collection.

1. Birthday Cake Collection

You may be interested in adding the entire birthday cake collection to your beauty bag. This is a fantastic deal that will have you pleased as punch when it arrives to your front door.

Below are the items that will come in this gorgeously packaged set for ONLY $54 and you can click HERE to get it:

1. Blush – You’ll receive one of the most best blushes LimeLife by Alcone has to offer in this set and it’s blush #6. The perfect color to add a bit of color to your lovely cheeks. This universal blush looks fantastic on all women.

2. Bronzer – What beauty product screams contour more than a bronzer? You’ll get the #1 selling bronzer in the birthday cake collection set by LimeLife by Alone. This one has just a hint of shimmer and will provide the perfect contour for your lovely face.

3. Enduring lip color – Do you want your lip color to stand the test of time? Who wants to lose lip stain after a cup of coffee before the day even begins? NO ONE

LimeLife by Alcone knows this is and why the enduring lip color will last all day and is smooth and silky on the lips. A special color was made for this birthday cake collection.

4. Perfect eye liner pen – Do you love the precise look that only a liquid eyeliner pen can deliver? Well guess what? You will get a brown one in this set! How amazing is that and all of the colors in the LImeLife by Alcone set will look amazing on you. You’ll be able to create a lot of makeup looks  this collection in your hands. If you simply want to only buy the liner pen, you can click HERE to purchase for ONLY $20.

Retail value of this set is $68 but you can get it for ONLY $54 and click HERE to get it. Don’t forget FREE SHIPPING with any $58 order.

2. Birthday Bronzer Duo

If you’re on a tighter budget and want to get something a bit less costly, the bronzer duo is for you. You’ll get two full-sized products for the same price as one!! Yes, please.

Limelife By Alcone’s bronzer or blush each sell for $24 individually. Drum roll!!!!!!!! You’ll get BOTH Of these in this limited edition set.

Yes, that a bronzer and blush #6 both for ONLY $24 and click HERE to get it.

3. Birthday Lip Duo

You can get the newly released enduring lip color by LimeLife by Alcone either by itself for only $20 and click HERE to get it individually or HERE in a set. This is the “perfect nude.”

If you choose the set you’ll get your choice of six color combinations and the lip color will come with a matching lip liner.

Below are the enduring lip and lip liner combinations:

  • Collection 01 – Enduring Lip Color in Birthday Cake / Enduring Lip Liner 02
  • Collection 02 – Enduring Lip Color in Macaroon / Enduring Lip Liner 01
  • Collection 03 – Enduring Lip Color in Crème Brulee / Enduring Lip Liner 03
  • Collection 04 – Enduring Lip Color in Cherry Pie / Enduring Lip Liner 04
  • Collection 05 – Enduring Lip Color in Moon Pie / Enduring Lip Liner 07
  • Collection 06 – Enduring Lip Color in Cocotini / Enduring Lip Liner 07

You can get this set for ONLY $32 which is a savings of $6 per set and click HERE to buy it.

There you have it one of the best and most beautifully packaged LImeLife by Alcone’s Birthday Cake Collections. Don’t let this AMAZING deal pass you by because in all my years working here it’s the best I’ve ever seen!!

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