Flash SALE!!!! Get ANY TWO Lip Products for $35

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If you’re like me, you may love your lippies. This is one of my favorite items that LimeLife makes because these are top- notch. If you want the best lipstick on the planet, you’ll want to get in on this deal. Read more to learn more.

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Choose from any of the above TWO of these amazing items for ONLY $35. That’s a savings of at least $15 and you’lll want to enjoy choosing from the list below:

  1. Perfect lip liner – If you want a professional lip look, this is the product to buy. This lipliner will stay in place all day and is retractable! That makes it a great deal because who wants to sharpen a pencil daily? Click HERE to read how to get fuller lips.
  2. Enduring lip color – I LOVE this product because it will stay in place all day. Simply put your favorite color on your lips after lining and let it dry! Boom, you’re ready for hours of wear. Click HERE to build your bundle.
  3. Perfect lip gloss – If you’re a gloss girl, this one’s for you. The packaging is beautiful and makes you feel so glam. The gloss isn’t stick and will stay in place a long time. Click HERE to read the reasons to choose LimeLife by Alcone’s Lip Gloss.
  4. Perfect lipstick -Do you know this product usually sells for $25 because it’s just that good. Full of creamy and long-lasting color that will look great from morning to night. Click HERE to build your bundles.
  5. Lip balm – Who doesn’t need a lip balm to stick in your purse? This balm is loaded with top ingredients that will make your lips feel great.
  6. Pefect lip scrub – Getting your lips smooth for the li color of your choice is something you’ll want to do and this product will do that and more.
  7. Lip mask – Adding a lip mask to your nightly skincare routine is a great thing to do. This can allow your lips to feel perfect in the morning and it’s loaded with vitamin E. Click HERE to build your bundle.

Want to add some eye products to your cart? LimeLife by Alcone is offering two eye makeup products for ONLY $40!!! Click HERE to choose the ones you’ll love!

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