About Me

I’m a middle-aged lady trying to maintain my youth and stay fit. I know what it takes to get the results most women my age want. I believe in the power of skincare and I do love LimeLife! I do enjoy both Limelife skincare and cosmetics to help me feel beautiful! Why? Because they work!

I believe in taking care of your skin and body. It has paid off well for me and I can still move with ease.

Walking is something I truly love because I’ve never went back to the gym since Covid. I do hope to in a couple months because strength training is essential at my age.

I believe in celebrating your wins, your birthday and really just every day. Actually to be able to see, move and just enjoy every day living is amazing.

Below are all birthday pictures from 49 at the top to 57 at the bottom ( I couldn’t find 51!). I can see the wrinkles more now, the sagging skin and I’m not in the shape I used to be.

However, this didn’t stop me from buying a spectacular dress for my 57th birthday because I’m celebrating myself. At this age, you’ve been through a lot, seen and a lot and if you don’t do it nobody will.

I’ve accepted aging and my body has been through a lot of changes. I’m grateful I can still enjoy life and keep working on my health. Everyday is truly more precious and keeping my body healthy, strong and active are my biggest daily goals.

49 in Charleston, SC.
50 in TN.
52 at Home!
53 and must have woke up late on this one. Lol
54 I think I was in the best shape ever at this age.
55 Oh I loved that dress.
56 this was not my best.
57 Keep smiling through it all.

I love having the pictures because they show me how well my skincare is working. I believe in the power of exercise and a natural way of living if at all possible.