A Heart of Gratitude Makes you Beautiful

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Some days I honestly wake up and can’t believe I’m this age or this well. I mean I do a lot of good stuff for my body, but time is swiftly passing. I think I’m amazed at the horrors in life I’ve avoided. Most would say I’ve had my share and ultimately I’d have to agree but no devastation lately thankfully. It turns out that the best days in life are the normal ones.

You know when you wake up and start going about your business, and all seems right in your little world. That is where my happiness lies. I’ve come to the agreement with the fact I’m never going to be famous, rich or even loved by most people. Yet, that’s okay. I’m me, and it’s been a heck of a journey to get here.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I had my annual exam with my GYN, and I’d say that man has helped me more than most over the years. No, I’m not pregnant. Ha. I have battled menopause and the symptoms that accompany it quite a bit, and he’s the best expert in N.C. in my opinion.

Well, as I made my way to his office with a bit of anxiety and simply wondering how many pap smears I’d had by now (still not figured that one out!) I just stood amazed. Not that I had survived six lanes of heavy traffic and went through about 20 stoplights to get there but all the experts around me.

There must have been hundreds of doctors for every body part you can imagine in that complex, and I felt so humbled. My eyes begin to swell with tears a bit for all the health problems I’ve been spared. All the experts I’ve not needed and all the days I’d lived free of anxiety about treatments I’d escaped.

I started to think what about all the people with cancer awaiting doctor visit after visit to get treatment with good or bad news. My feet stood still, and my eyes took in the magnitude of this place and this thought. Anyway, if you can be grateful, try it.

As usual, my visit was quick, and I thanked the good doctor for all his help over the years. Then, I headed to my car and was in and out of there in 15 minutes. He is amazing, and I’m grateful for that.

Got home and my neighbour was outside, and something odd was going on next door. I went and spoke to her, and she begins to break down and cry saying her mother had just died. I didn’t know what to say or do so I gave her a big hug and told her how sorry I indeed was. Then, I begin to feel grateful I’d already been through that loss, the grief, the pain and the seemingly never-ending sadness.

She went on to tell me of a horrifying story about another girl in the neighborhood. I was flabbergasted, sad and truly at a loss for words with this one. My heart began to ache a bit, and I thought of what could have caused this. So many things and emotions this day lead me to write this post.

I felt grateful for so much yesterday. In fact, I went for a two-miler on top of all this and wrote several pieces. I’m grateful for my strength, for my good luck, for my mindset and power to know a better day is always coming. Most of all I was grateful yesterday was uneventful for me and devastation is not surrounding my world. Practice gratitude, and you’ll be beautiful.