8 Top Tips for Keeping your Skin Glowing During the Winter Months

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The key to looking your best may rest in the overall appearance of your skin. This will mean making an extra effort to avoid dry and chapped skin during the months of winter. One of the best beauty tips you will find is how to ensure your skin stays glowing all year long. Putting these top tips to work can make a significant difference in your skin’s appearance and texture.

Skin Polish

1. Exfoliation

The first thing you’ll want to do is use a facial mask to get rid of dead skin cells. The key to showing the best-looking skin you have is by exfoliating on a routine basis.

This is a task you’ll want to consider doing at least two to three times per week. Your reward will have skin that glows and looks attractive throughout the winter months.

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Skin Therapy

2.. Moisturize

If you want to enjoy skin that looks well hydrated even when the temperature in your home is drying it out, it’s a good idea to use a high-quality moisturizer. Choosing one that meets your individual needs can make a massive difference in the results.

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3. Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day is one of the top ways to remain hydrated. This may require some effort on your part, but the plan is the key to success.

Have a good idea of how much water you can drink throughout the day. Set a goal to have so many glasses consumed by lunchtime and so forth. This is an excellent way to help keep your body in good shape and improve the look of your skin.

LimeLife Priming Spray

4.  Use a primer

Getting your skin ready for the best foundation is simply a task you’ll need to do. The ideal way to accomplish this goal is to use the top primer.

There are many of these on the market that range from being a cream form to a spray. You may find that you can get your makeup look completed with greater ease using a spray type. Click HERE to purchase this.

5.  Choose a wax-based foundation

The foundation you do select can make a huge difference in how your skin adapts to it. For instance, you’ll want to stay away from drying powders and other ingredients that can make your skin look worse.

It’s in your best interest to only rely on a wax-based foundation that will glide on smoothly and allow your skin to look more natural. This makeup look is one of the best you’ll find. Click HERE to read an article on LimeLife’s botanical foundation and Click HERE to purchase the best foundation.

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6. Apply a highlighter

Taking a little bit of time on your makeup can make a massive difference in the final look. It’s a great idea to use a highlighter that will work to give your skin a glow.

These are easy to apply, but you’ll want to use a lighter touch to avoid putting on too much. Adding a bit of highlighter to your finished makeup look can make help. Click HERE to purchase this.

7. Don’t forget the bronzer

There’s nothing like a little bit of bronzer to give your skin a contoured look.  Putting this in just the right place can help your face look slimmer and even more attractive.

Placing a bit of bronzer under your blush and applying in an upward motion can be very helpful in achieving a fantastic makeup look. Click HERE to purchase this product.

8. Use a setting spritz

The key to enjoying your hard work is to use a setting spray that will help it remain in place. Many of these will help provide a glow to your skin and help it look more hydrated throughout the day.

The final step of any makeup process should be to use a finishing spray to offer fantastic results and allow your cosmetics to last longer. Click HERE to make a purchase.

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