8 Top Concealer Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid

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Getting out the door in the morning may have you rushing to put on your makeup. However, if you want to look your best, it’s ideal to take the appropriate time with your makeup routine. One of the things that can make you look younger or older is your concealer. You’ll want to choose the best concealer to allow you to get the overall makeup appearance that you’re trying to achieve. It’s vital to know many of the top concealer mistakes that you should avoid making.

1. Choosing the wrong shade

Let’s face it. It’s not always easy to select the right makeup shades to match your skin tone. This task can be downright tough to accomplish.

You’ll want to invest some time and effort into selecting a concealer shade that matches the tone of your skin correctly. There are many ways you can do this that may range from taking a test to visiting your local makeup counter.

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2. Using too much concealer

You’ll want to avoid packing on any top concealer you use. The statement that less is more is very frequently the case.

If you attempt to apply and reapply any of the best concealer products on the market, you can end up with a cakey appearance. I’m quite sure this isn’t the makeup look that you’re trying to get.

You can avoid this by using a cream-based concealer that is ideal for your skin tone. Simply use one application only, and you’ll look younger rather older by accentuating your fine lines.

3. Failing to set the concealer

If you want to have a finished look that appears professional, you’ll always want to set your concealer. This can be done by using a makeup powder that will seal in the concealer you just used.

It’s ideal to select a powder that’s long-lasting and offers you the longevity you need for the day.

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4. Not prepping your skin

If you want to look younger, it’s vital to consistently use a skincare routine. Choosing the best moisturizer and cleanser is crucial to improve the appearance of your skin.

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Taking time to apply a top-rated moisturizer is the ideal way for your concealer to go on smoothly and not settle into fine lines. Failing to plump up the skin before using this top product could hinder your entire makeup look.

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5.  Putting concealer on first

Have you ever used your concealer before applying your top-rated foundation? If so, this isn’t a crime, but it’s a HUGE mistake.

Stop and think about this before you rush into your makeup look for the day. You will ALWAYS want to put on your foundation before your concealer.

Doing this will improve your beauty look for the day and can make a dramatic improvement in the skin under your eyes.

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6. Choosing the wrong formula

How many times have you debated over the right concealer formula to use? There are so many on the market; it can be confusing to find the one that will suit your beauty look.

However, you’ll want to invest the right time to select a top-rated concealer that works best for you.  Keep in mind that many of these beauty products may be of the liquid variety, and these can be a way to runny to work effectively.

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7. Not blending enough

The key to looking better when using any eye product or foundation is by taking the appropriate time to blend your makeup products. Doing this will give you a more polished appearance rather than an overly made-up look.

It’s vital to ensure you choose the right colors that match your skin tone, and this is an excellent beauty tip. You never want to wear a concealer that’s way to light or dark for your entire face because this will be noticed easily.

Limelife’s Foundation and Concealer Before and After
Limelife’s Foundation and Concealer Before and After
Limelife’s Foundation and Concealer Before and After
LimeLife Concealer Covering a Tattoo
LimeLife Concealer Covering a Tattoo

8. Using the stroke application

You think that using an eye makeup brush and heavy strokes could help the appearance of your concealer. However, this is certainly not the case and should be avoided at all costs.

It’s a much better idea to choose a gentle method that involves patting on this product with your fingertips and blend it. This will allow you to appear more natural and could help reduce harsh makeup lines.

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