8 Tips for Making your Foundation Last Longer

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If you’re like most people, you’ll want to get the most life possible out of your foundation. The ideal way to do this is to use the right products and to follow a certain sequence of steps to have optimal results. Putting these tried and true beauty tips to work will ensure your foundation will stand the test of time.

#1. Prep the skin

Taking time to get the skin ready for the foundation is the first thing you should do. It’s always a great idea to have the best primer on hand that you can afford.

Keep in mind there are various foundation primers on the market that range from a silicone based to a spray. It can be much easier for individuals to use a spray because of the quickness of it.

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#2. Choose a high-quality moisturizer

If you’re a mature woman like me, you’ll want to rely on one of the highest quality moisturizers on the market. It takes a lot of toll on the skin to go through sickness and aging alone can be a real challenge.

The key to having foundation that will stand the test of time and look smooth in the process is to rely on a moisturizer to even out the skin. It’s a great idea to rely on a product of this type that is free of toxins due to so many health issues and environment factors. Click HERE to read about my skincare routine.

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#3. Start with the concealer

It’s likely that  most of your life, you may have heard to use the concealer lastly when applying your makeup. Actually, this is precisely what I’ve done for over 45 years! Wow, that’s a long time.

However, most experts agree that putting your concealer on last will allow your foundation to stand the test of time. When you consider just how more effective your makeup will last, this is certain to be a goal you’ll want to consider doing.

Using the best concealer on the market is by far on of the most effective ways to allow your foundation to last all day. Limelife by Alcone offers a concealer that is absolutely one of the best you’ll ever use. Click HERE to read an article on the benefits of this concealer and HERE to buy it.

#4. Use the right products

Did you know that using a beauty blender could be one of the ideal ways to help your foundation go on smoothly and last longer? This is a fact and one you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to applying your foundation.

It’s a great idea to use a beauty blender because it’s easy to put to use and is lightweight, as well.  Taking the time to use this beauty tool could be helpful in getting the final look that will last all day.  Click HERE to purchase one of the highest quality beauty blenders on the market.

#5. Wear only the best foundation

It’s a fact that choosing a foundation that is of the finest quality is by far the most effective way to help your skin look better. This is another very important factor when it comes to the longevity test, as well.

While there are many good drugstore foundations on the market when I really want a long-lasting foundation, I choose LimeLife by Alcone’s wax-based foundation and you can read about the many benefits of it HERE.

This wax-based foundation allows your true beauty to show through and looks like real skin. Click HERE to take a color matching quiz and click HERE to buy it.

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#6. Layer your foundation

If you’re like me there may be times when you want a simpler look. This could be because you’re just hanging around the house or running errands.

However, if I’m really wanting to have a foundation that will last all day and look fantastic I may put on two layers of LimeLife by Alcone’s beautiful makeup.

The good news is that this beauty product is very easy to layer and you can select the amount of coverage you’d like to have. Click HERE to read the benefits of this beauty product.

#7. Apply a setting powder

Do you remember the setting powder by Coty? Lol! I used to wear that all the time and just saw it for sale the other day. I agree that is good stuff but I now rely on LimeLife by Alcone’s setting powder.

This is by far one of the more effective ways to help your foundation in place all day! The good news is LimeLife offers a setting foundation that is colorless and one that has color. Click HERE for the colorless and HERE for the one that has a tint of color.

#8. Finish with a setting spray

Ensuring your foundation stays in place all day long is the ultimate goal of any busy lady.  You won’t every want to forget adding a setting spray before you walk out the door.

There are a variety of options on the market but LimeLife by Alcone offers one of the highest quality variations you’ll find. Click HERE to purchase it individually or HERE to purchase it in a set.

You can look your best and feel great in the process. Making certain you don’t have to touch up your foundation all day long is a great place to start.

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