8 Tips for Getting Ready for your Holiday Events

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If you’re like most people, you may look forward to spending time with family during Christmas and Thanksgiving. These are both major events and you’ll want to look your best at these special occasions. However, being comfortable is likely to be high on your agenda. Putting these tried and true tips to work can be an effective way to look fantastic.

  1. Choose high-quality skincare

Keep in mind your makeup will only look as good as you skin. This means you’ll want to start planning way ahead of the holidays with high-quality skincare. Click HERE to read my skincare journey.

Some of the best products for mature or aging skin by LimeLife by Alcone are listed below:

  • Sotox –  If you’re looking for Botox in a bottle, look no further. This is by far the best skincare you’ll find without needles. Click HERE to buy it.
  • Skin Therapy – Getting the right amount of moisture in your skin should be at the very top of your to-do list as you age. The good news is Skin Therapy will put that moisture back and fast. Click HERE to buy it.
  • Eye Arise – One of the places that will show the first signs of aging is around your eyes. It’s great to use the right type of skincare that will get rid of crow’s feet fast and this is what Eye Arise will do. Click HERE to get it.
  • 2. Use your high-end cosmetics

If you’re like most of us you may save “the good stuff” for special occasions. While I love drugstore makeup I typically wear it more around the house.

On the other hand, I’ll use the best foundation I have on hand when seeing family or attending a special event. Doing this makes me feel more confident during this fun time.

LimeLife by Alcone offers a wax-based foundation that’s one of the best you will ever use on your skin. There are many benefits to this cosmetic and you can read about these HERE. Click HERE to buy it.

3. Go the extra mile

There are many things you can do that will improve your looking during the holidays and one of these includes doing a little extra to your makeup look.

Below are a few suggestions for taking your routine up to the next level:

  • Wear false eyelashes – adding a bit more drama to your eyes can take your look way up a notch.
  • Choose a lengthening mascara – Regardless if you choose to wear false eye lashes or not, you will want to have a mascara that works diligently to make your lashes look great.
  • Don skimp on foundation – Wearing the best looking foundation on your skin is simply something that will improve your appearance. Click HERE to buy it.
  • 4. Consider a makeup theme

Looking a bit more festive this time of year is certainly not frowned upon by any individual. It’s a great idea to think of a makeup theme and go for that with all of your products.

For instance, it’s a great idea to wear a red lip and choosing LimeLife by Alcone’s Enduring lip color will guarantee it will last all night. Click HERE to read about the different lippies and Click HERE to buy it.

5. Make it long-lasting

Holiday parties tend to last a very long time and this means you’ll want to have wear only makeup products that will stand the test of time. One of the many advantages of wearing LimeLife by Alcone’s wax-based foundation is that it will stay on all day long.

Add a waterproof Perfect Mascara and click HERE to buy it. Don’t forget to first put on a primer and finishing with a finishing spray. Click HERE to buy those.

6. Add a bit of glimmer

It’s unlikely that you will want to wear your everyday makeup look during the holiday season. This is a very special time of year and it’s best to spruce up your routine a bit.

One of the top ways to do this is to have the right highlighter on hand. There are many to choose from but selecting LimeLife by Alcone’s highlighter can be the ideal way to have beauty and lasting coverage.

Don’t forget to use a bronzer beforehand and click HERE to buy it. Click HERE to purchase the best highlighter you may ever be able to find!

7. Remember the gifts

Taking time to find the best gift for any of your family members or friends is something you will want to do. There are many ways to ensure you choose the right present to please any of your family members.

For all of the females in your family it’s a good idea to consider the gift of a cosmetic or skincare package. There’s nothing like giving the give of beauty and LimeLife by Alcone offers a wide variety of items during the Holiday 2023 Collection. Click HERE to read an article on it.

8. Dress a bit sassier

If you’re typically a casual dresser, you may want to spurge for a new dress. There’s nothing like wearing red for Christmas and choosing a sweater dress is a fantastic idea.

The good things about a dress of this type is that they offer a flattering fit to most everyone and you don’t want to lose out on this.

Another great reason to wear a sweater dress is these look fantastic with boots and this is how I chose to wear mine above to the church Christmas play.

Taking the time to look your best is certain to be necessary during the holiday season. Please visit My Beauty for You to learn more beauty tips!