8 Skincare Mistakes That are Ruining your Skin

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Keeping your complexion attractive during the mid to later years of life can be a real challenge. The good news is that it can be done by doing the right things and avoiding mistakes. Learning the most common error that may age your skin should be high on your to-do list!

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  1. Wearing makeup to bed

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last umpteen years, you may know that taking your cosmetics off before bed is necessary. Remember to remove your foundation and other makeup before turning in for the night.

Some studies claim that failing to do this can age you as much as seven years per night. That sounds a little bit over the top to me, but at least it’s a good motivator for you to always cleanse your skin.

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2. Skipping the sunscreen

Who doesn’t love going out in the sun on a beautiful day? Having a cookout or simply going for a long walk can allow you to make the most out of life.

However, you should put on sunscreen before heading out to do any activity. This will prevent your skin from being damaged and is certainly the key to looking youthful for years.

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3, Smoking

The last thing you’ll want to do is smoke if you wish to maintain a beautiful complexion. Smoking is very drying to the skin and can immediately cause more dryness.

It’s much more possible; you could get fine lines with smoking when you start. The bad news is that fine lines can turn into deep creases fast. 

Getting away from smoking is one of the best things you can do for your life and skin.

4. Not drinking enough water.

Ensuring you get in the right amount of water each day is one of the best ways to feel great and look at it in the process. Having skin that glows and shows far fewer wrinkles can be a direct result of staying hydrated.

Studies do show that drinking at least half of your body weight is the ideal way to get the most hydration for the day. Doing this is the key to keeping your body attractive and healthy.

5. Skipping on skincare

It’s never a bad idea to research before buying any skincare product. You may be on a tight budget, and this immediately means you may purchase the cheapest brand.

This is never a good idea if you want skin that stands the test of time and looks fantastic. Consider using a brand that is clean of toxins and is very good for the skin. 

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6. Drinking alcohol

It’s not a joke that consuming alcohol is not suitable for your health in any stretch of the imagination. If you drink a lot, you will soon see the difference in your skin, and it won’t be a positive one.

Alcohol is very drying to the skin and something you’ll want to avoid most of the time. That being said, drinking once in a blue moon is totally acceptable.

7. Overcleaning the skin

You may love having your skin super clean, which will require effort. However, you can also cause a lot of damage to your skin when you’re constantly cleaning it.

It’s vital to have a certain amount of oil in the skin for the best appearance. Don’t over-scrub or exfoliate to have the most beautiful complexion possible.

8. Using too many items

If you have sensitive skin, you must be very wary of any of the products you use. Putting too many varying skincare products on your face can turn into bad results quickly.

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You can look your best for many years to come when you choose the right skincare products and avoid making mistakes. Please visit My Beauty for You to learn all types of daily tips for looking your best.