8 Amazing Makeup Tips for a Sunkissed Look

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Summer is here, and now’s the time to add a little color to your face. Regardless if you’re out in the sun or more or want to up your makeup game, this is a wonderful time of the year. Faking a tan has never been easier when you know the right beauty tips to put in place. Your face can glow in no time at all when you follow these steps.

The Benefits of LimeLife by Alcone’s Sunscreen

1. Apply sunscreen

The first thing you’ll want to do before putting on any makeup is to apply a high-quality sunscreen. Doing this will protect your skin from the high levels of the sun typical during any summer day.

You’ll want to take a close look at the sun protection factor (SPF) on this beauty product you choose. Th higher this number is, the more excellent protection you’ll have. Click HERE to purchase a sunscreen free of chemicals and parabens.

The benefits of LimeLife by Alcone Skin Therapy moisturizer.

2. Hydrate your skin

You’ll want to use a moisturizer that will remove any of your fine lines and wrinkles before putting on your beauty products. Choosing a rich and emollient moisturizer will allow your skin to feel well hydrated and glow for the day.

One of the top moisturizers on the market is by LimeLife by Alcone. Skin Therapy will help you look younger, and this product only uses all-natural ingredients.

Skin Therapy by Limelife has Pomegranate and Oat with Evening Primrose and more moisturizing ingredients. Click HERE to get if for ONLY $28 and HERE to get a full-sized cleanser and Skin Therapy for ONLY $44.

Before and After LimeLife Foundation
Before and After LimeLife Foundation

3. Choose a light-weight foundation

During the summer, you may want to rely on a foundation that offers buildable coverage and is light-weight. Using a wax-based foundation is the ideal makeup product to use during the summer months because it fits these criteria.

LimeLife, by Alcone’s foundation, offers a skin-like look and comes in a wide range of colors. Click HERE to find the perfect shade to match your skin tone and click HERE to learn the benefits of this foundation.

Click HERE to purchase this AMAZING foundation for $36 and Click HERE save money and get TWO concealers and a foundation for ONLY $76.

Watch this video of an application:

LimeLIife by Alcone’s Blush

4. Select a light-colored blush

Getting out the door and looking like you’re ready to face the day will require the right makeup products. Adding a bit of color to your appearance is more comfortable than ever when you apply a pink blush.

This will give you just enough that you look wide awake and ready to face the day. It’s vital to choose a highly pigmented blush, so you’ll use the least of it. Click HERE to get LimeLife by Alcone’s blush for ONLY $24.

LimeLife’s by Alcone Bronzer with Shimmer

5. Add a bronzer

Getting your summer look is easy as having the best bronzer in your vanity. This is the ideal way to appear as if you’ve been out in the sun when you’ve not.

The best method for applying your bronzer is putting a little around your temples and some under your blush, pointing upward for a more contour look. You’ll appear as if you’ve been out and about while you may have been resting on the couch.

Don’t forget to top this off with some glimmer by choosing the right beauty product to highlight your entire sun-kissed look. Click HERE to get a bronzer that has shimmer in it for ONLY $24.

Before and After LimeLife By Alcone’s Mascara

6. Use water-resistant mascara

The time to rely on a water-resistant mascara is during the summer months. This is when you may be sweating a great deal any time that you’re outside.

If you’re like most ladies, you may not want to go to the park or the pool for that matter without this critical beauty product. Using a mascara that you know will stay on your lashes and not run down your face is vital. Click HERE to get a hypoallergenic mascara for ONLY $22.

LimeLife Setting Spray

7. Keep it in place

After going to all the trouble of creating a sunkissed summer look, you’ll want to ensure it stays on through the heat of the day. The ideal way to do this is to use a setting spray that doesn’t create a matte look like powder.

Spritzing on your setting spray will allow you to get refreshed, and this is by far the ideal way to keep your summer makeup in place. Click HERE to buy it.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Lip Gloss

8. Moisturize your lips

Adding a dab of lip gloss to your pucker will work to keep your lips beautiful and moisturized all day. The last thing you’ll want is to face the sun without any lip product in place.

Choosing a non-sticky lip gloss but will last is sure to be high on your to-do list. You’ll get this and more when you choose LimeLife’s lip gloss that comes in a blingy case with a mirror on the back!

Click HERE to read an article on this lip gloss and HERE to buy it.

Taking the time to look your best during the summer months doesn’t have to be that hard. Simply put, these tried and true beauty tips to work and visit My Beauty for You for regular updates.