7 Top Reasons to Use LimeLife’s Wax Based Foundation

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If you’re like most people, you’ll want to look your best each and every day. The ideal way to make this happen is to typically rely on beauty products to some degree. The good news is a wax based foundation can offer you a plethora of benefits and putting this amazing product to use for more natural makeup looks can help. Learning the tried and trues reasons to choose a Limelife product of this magnitude can be helpf

1. Highly pigmented With the Best Wax Based Foundation

Ensuring your makeup is of the highest quality will usually mean selecting the best wax based foundation on the market. This will take some time and effort to do but you’ll be very happy to know that the best wax based foundation brands sold by LimeLife is 50% pigmented.

Wow! That’s a huge difference compared to many of the drugstore brands that only 10% pigmented or less. Taking the time to purchase this product may be a task you simply wish to do.

Just think how much more product you’ll be able to save when you use a lot less of it. This will add up to huge money savings that you can use on other things.

2. The Best Waxed Based Foundation is in many shades

Getting the best wax based foundation shade for your skin is the first thing you’ll want to do. This will take a bit of effort on your part to achieve and taking time to select the best shade is vital.

Finding the best wax based foundation may not be as easy as you think. However, LimeLife by Alone offers one of the top foundations you’ll find on the market.

Click HERE to find your best shade and click HERE to make a purchase. If you’re interested in saving money click HERE to get a full sized foundation and two concealers for only $80.

3. Lasts all day

When it comes to choosing the best wax based foundation, you’ll want to be certain your hard work pays off. Putting on a full face of makeup can take time and it’s a good idea for it to stay in place.

One of the reasons to choose the best wax based foundation is that this beauty product will stand the test of time by providing numerous cute makeup looks. You’ll feel your best and look it in the process when you have yourbest wax based foundation in place.

4. Looks like real skin

Nobody wants to have makeup that simply isn’t the most attractive. Choosing the best wax based foundation that looks like your skin is vital.

There are many reasons to select this best wax based foundation and these are below:

1. Looks like real skin and doesn’t have a cakey look.

2. Easy to apply with either a foundation brush or makeup sponge.

3. Comes in over 33 shades to choose from and click HERE to take a color match quiz.

4. Long lasting and this amazing wax based foundation will stay in place all day.

5. Offers the highest pigmentation you’ll find on the market.

Click HERE to purchase this foundation and HERE to save money to get one full sized foundation and two concealers for ONLY $76 and don’t forget free shipping with any $77 order.

5.  Reduces redness

One of the skin battles you may be facing is redness in your skin. This can cause you a great deal of concern and the ideal way to reduce any redness you may not want is to use a high-quality wax based foundation.

Applying this beauty product each day will decrease redness and allow you to feel much more confident. This is the key to feeling good about your appearance and stressing less about your overall look.

6. Provides different levels of coverage

It’s a fact you may want more coverage some days than others. For instance, you may want an entirely different look if you’re going to a special event versus everyday wear.

Having a wax based foundation that will do both can be ideal for varying situation. This wax based foundation will allow you to determine the amount of coverage you’d like to have.

7. Affordable

When you’re looking to purchase the best wax based foundation, you may want to stay on a budget. This can be hard to do unless you invest the right amount of time to shop around for this item.

The good news is LimeLife’s by Alcone wax based foundation is ONLY $36 and it will last for months. I get about three to four months out of mine.

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Looking your best has never been easier when you put these makeup tips to work. You’ll feel better about yourself when you try to improve your appearance and you makeup game in the process.

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