7 Top Beauty Tips for Getting Ready for your Christmas Get Togethers

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One of the most joyous times of the year is Christmas. This is typically the time when you see people you may not have visited with in years. Taking time to look your best will be well worth the effort. Making an effort to learn of some ways to appear more glamourous during this season is ideal and putting these beauty tips for Christmas to use can help.

Use top-rated skincare

Regardless of what type of party look you’re working to achieve; you’ll want to have good looking skin. This will start way before Christmas and is something you should do year-round.

LimeLife offers skincare that is free of preservatives and is an all-natural alternative. Avoiding as many toxins as possible is the gateway for good health.

If you’re like me and have dry skin it’s a good idea to rely on Skin Therapy as your top-rated moisturizer. This formula provides rich moisturization and consists of Safflower oil, evening primrose and naturally occurring sugars. Click HERE to buy it.

Reduce eye puffiness

It’s likely you may be going to more parties than normal this time of year. It can be way to easy to overconsume alcohol or sweets during Christmas.

Having Eyerise on hand by LimeLife should be high on your to-do list. This award winning eye serum will immediately reduce puffiness and help you appear much younger. Click HERE to buy this.

While it’s important to perfect your skin as much as possible, you’ll want your skin to show and not your foundation. Choosing a wax-based foundation is the ideal way to have the best of both worlds.

Perfect foundation by LimeLife offers the benefits listed below:

Show your skin

  • Sits on top of your skins and looks more skin like.
  • Doesn’t appear cakey like other foundations.
  • Available in over 30 shades and take this quiz to find your shade.
  • Easy to apply with a sponge or brush.
  • Can build coverage for a party event.

Click HERE to read the benefits of using LimeLife wax foundation and HERE to buy it.

Glitter for your eyes

Adding a bit of sparkle to your eyes can really up your holiday look game? The ideal way to help your eyes to stand out during the holidays is to choose a long-lasting eyeshadow from LimeLife.

There are many shimmery eyeshadow colors that will help you get the party look you’re aiming to achieve. The good news is you can build your own palette and this will be the key to making a unique holiday look. Click HERE to make a purchase.

Make your lashes bigger

One of the fastest things you can do to glam up any look is to make your eyelashes stand up and get attention. Working to have big eyelashes will take the right amount of effort on your part.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to use an eyelash curler. Doing this will help give your eyelashes the right amount of volume.

Choosing a eyelash primer is a task you’ll want to strongly consider doing. This can help your lashes look bigger and bolder with just a bit more effort. Click HERE to learn more tips for bigger eyelashes.

Lastly, selecting a top-rated mascara is the best way to have lashes that get the attention that’s deserved. LimeLife by Alcone offers a Perfect mascara and click HERE to buy it.

Blush and contour for Christmas

What is a Christmas party without having on a beautiful color of blush?  Selecting one that has a bit of glimmer can help make any get together a bit more festive. Click HERE to buy a high-quality blush.

Of course, taking the time to do a bit of contouring is the key to chiseling out your cheekbones. The ideal way to do this is by selecting a bronzer that is just the right shade.

Adding a bit of bronzer below your cheekbone, at the top of your forehead and around your jaw is the best way to have a contoured look. Click HERE to buy a bronzer.

Glam up the lips

Party time is the time for your lips to get some real attention. You will want to have all the right beauty products on hand to help make this happen and click HERE2 to learn how to get bigger lips.

Below includes the steps to get an exaggerated red lip that will last:

  1. Use a red lip liner to slightly outline the lip area can click HERE to buy it.
  2. Rely on lip stain that will stand the test of time during your holiday events and click HERE to buy it.
  3. Don’t forget to fill in the lips with the liner and then using the enduring lip color on top of it.
  4. Finish the look with a LimeLife lip gloss for that extra bit of shine and moisturization. Click HERE to read about lip gloss tips and click HERE to buy it.

You can look festive without looking overly done when you know the right steps to take. Don’t delay in getting party ready by following these beauty tips for Christmas today. Visit My Beauty for You for additional ways to look and feel your best.