7 Makeup Tips for Applying Makeup Like a Pro

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Using the right makeup tips will help you feel more self-confident. You may want to get out more, do more and have fun if you feel attractive. Most women invest time into putting on makeup for a better appearance. However, your top makeup tips or lack thereof can make a significant difference in your final look. Knowing how to create the best makeup looks like a pro is possible by reading these beauty tips and using the best wax based foundation.

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Using a Primer is one of the best makeup tips.
No Primer on Right Side vs Primer on Left Side and it’s much Smoother with these makeup tips.

1. The Best Makeup Tips Involve Starting with a Primer

Preparing your face for the best wax based foundation is the first thing you’ll want to do. It’s essential to use a high-quality primer for optimal results.

Choosing one that’s free of silicone is a great way to avoid that heavy feeling you may want to avoid during the warmer months. It’s a great idea to use a top face primer that you can spray all over your face and on the eye area to avoid hooded eyes.

Doing this is less messy and will provide a solid base for your wax based foundation. while being a top makeup tip. LimeLife’s best face priming spray offers all of this and can even add moisture to your skin.

Other benefits of spritzing your face with this primer before applying your foundation makeup includes reducing the size of large pores. Your makeup looks won’t settle into fine lines either when using this silicone-free primer and click HERE to buy it.

Before and After LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation using these makeup tiips.
Before and After LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation using these makeup tips.
Top Reasons to Use a Wax-Based Foundation for the best makeup tips.

2. Top Makeup Tips Include Using the Best Foundation

One of the biggest mistakes new makeup wearers make is selecting is not choosing the wax based foundation or purchasing the wrong color. One of the top beauty tips used by makeup artists includes relying on the best wax based foundation and having all the makeup essentials for cute makeup looks.

Choosing the best makeup that matches your skin tone is of the utmost importance and you can create cute makeup looks in no time at all.. It’s ideal for matching the color of this makeup product to your chest area. Doing this can help ensure you get the perfect color that’s not too dark or too light and you can keep it on your makeup vanity.

Do you want foundation coverage that is buildable but looks like your real skin? You can do this at any age because even 50 is not old. You may be having a more natural makeup day for your business meeting. However, going out for dinner or dancing that night may encourage a more substantial foundation. Click HERE to learn of the benefits of a wax- based foundation.

Selecting LimeLife’s wax based foundation can allow you to choose many makeup looks and the coverage you want. This is used by many celebrities that you may have heard of for years and many of these know that 50 is not old.

Click HERE to see this wax based foundation applied.

Below are the top benefits of selecting LimeLife’s wax-based foundation:

  • Provides a natural appearance that makes you look polished and not overly made-up with the right makeup essentials.
  • Has a light-weight feel and you may not even remember you have it on during the day.
  • Lasts all day and doesn’t need any touch ups at all for cute makeup looks.
  • Offers 50% pigmentation where most lower end brands will only give you 10%.
  • Perfect for dry and mature skin because it’s wax-based and is a creamy texture.
  • Easy to apply, and you can use a buffer brush or a beauty blender.
  • Product will last for months because you need to use so little of it.
  • Vast array of colors to choose from and easy to match your skin tone and select a makeup set.

If you genuinely want your best makeup application to look like a professional did it, you’ll want to choose LimeLife’s foundation and avoid cheap makeup. Click HERE to take a color match quiz and HERE to buy this foundation.

It’s ONLY $36, and FREE shipping is available with any $77 order.

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Click HERE to read mistakes to avoid when using concealer at any age to reduce hooded eyes. It’s a fact that you can enjoy cute makeup looks regardless of your age with the right makeup essentials.

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Before Applying LimeLife’s Foundation as the Best Makeup Tips
After Applying LimeLife’s Foundation using One of the Best Makeup tips
LimeLife’s Concealer Covering up a Bright Tattoo as one of the best makeup tips.

3. Choose a Concealer

One of the beauty mistakes many women make is not using an under-eye best color concealer. This is extremely important as you get older and you’ll soon learn that even 50 is not old.

The right under-eye concealer can hide eye puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles and make you appear years younger while being one of the top makeup tips. However, it’s imperative to use a concealer that is of the best quality and avoid a best cheap concealer.

Click HERE to learn how to apply concealer perfectly with the makeup essentials you have on hand.

LimeLife’s under eye color corretor concealer is one of the best and below are the reasons to use it:

  • Stays on during the hottest months of the year because it’s WATERPROOF.
  • Coverage is beyond anything you can buy in the drugstore and even covers tattoos.
  • Wax-based concealer is perfect for mature skin to assist in keeping it hydrated.
  • Can cover skin discolorations and blemishes.
  • Stays in place all day and never needs to be reapplied for cute makeup looks.

Ensuring your face looks like the best makeup artist did your application will require this concealer. Click HERE to take a color match quiz and HERE to buy this.

Prepare your Eye for Eye Shadow Colors as one of the Best Makeup Tips.

One of the Best Makeup Tips is to Use Two Coats of Perfect Mascara
Drugstore Mascara Vs. Professional Perfect Mascara by LimeLife ONLY $22 as one of the best makeup tips.

4. Enhance your eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul and will get a lot of attention. This may be one of the first things others will notice about you and choosing eye makeup looks is simple.

Follow the steps below for a professional eye makeup look:

  • Use the best eye primer or undereye color corrector concealer to prime your eyelids before putting on eye-shadow.
  • Choose a neutral or light-colored eye-shadow and put this over your entire lid. Use a long-lasting product that won’t crease and will stay in place all day. Click HERE for LimeLife’s eye shadows for only $16.
  • Apply a darker color in the crease of your eyelid to enhance your eyes and reduce the look of hooded eyes.
  • Select a liquid eyeliner and draw from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer corner staying as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible. LimeLife’s liquid eyeliner lasts all day, is easy to apply and is ONLY $20. Click HERE to purchase it.
  • Curl your eyelashes for a couple of minutes to uplift your lashes and decrease hooded eyes.
  • Apply two coats of the best mascara and start at the base of your lashes to the tips. Wiggle the wand during the application process to get more of the top- quality mascara on your lashes and use these great makeup tips.

Click the link below to see LimeLife’s mascara applied:


Selecting a one step fiber mascara that’s hypoallergenic is ideal while being a great makeup tip and click HERE to read how to use mascara if you’re a makeup beginner and click HERE to buy it for $22.


Add Blush for a Boost of Color and one of the best makeup tips.

5. Purchase a powder blush

You may find that your makeup will last longer and look better when you buy a powder blush. Doing this will allow you to have an easier time applying this product and will quickly provide cute makeup looks.

You can also choose the amount of blush makeup you want to use with greater ease. For instance, one stroke may be enough or two could help you look a bit more dramatic makeup look when using the top makeup essentials.

Use a pink blush that flatters your skin tone and isn’t too bright. You’ll want to start below your cheekbone and brush in an upward motion for the best makeup look.

Go over your face with a tissue to remove any excess blush makeup and allow you to appear more natural. Click HERE for a blush that will last all day for ONLY $24.


Prepare your Lips for Color as one of the best makeup tips.

Shades of LimeLife’s Enduring Lip Color for ONLY $20 and one of the best makeup tips.
LimeLife’s Perfect Lip Gloss Shades and Blingy Case for ONLY $18 and this is one of the best makeup tips.

6. Lips that last

If you want to have lips that last throughout the day, you’ll need to use and apply the best makeup tips. The type of lip products you use can make a significant difference in the overall wear.

Click HERE to read an article about LimeLife lip products and how to avoid lip lines. Click HERE to read about the benefits of Limelife lip gloss.

Below are the steps to ensure your lips look fuller and last:

  • Line your lips with a neutral color lip liner and go just a bit outside your lip line for a fuller lip appearance.
  • Use the best lip liner on your lips before applying your lip color of choice for cute makeup looks.
  • Choose a long-wearing lip product that doesn’t have to be reapplied throughout the day. Limelife’s enduring lip color will last for six to eight hours. Click HERE to buy it for $20.
  • Add a bit of glossier lip gloss if you want a shiny look and one that offers more moisture to your lips. Click HERE for a non-sticky formula for ONLY $18.
Powder Over your Foundation for Long Lasting Staying Power and top makeup tip.

7. Set your makeup

The final step is to ensure your makeup stays in place and is one of many makeup tips.Do you want to return home looking the same as you left? If so, you’ll need to set your makeup properly and avoid hooded eyes.

You can use the best loose setting powder all over your entire face. This will allow your hard work to remain intact throughout the day. Click HERE to buy it and click HERE to learn beauty tips for makeup beginners.

Another idea if you have more mature skin or simply don’t like compact powder is to rely on a finishing spray. This is a refreshing mist that will set your makeup and keep it in place for hours.

Some of the benefits of using a LimeLife’s setting spray include it not settling into fine lines and prevents your makeup from transferring. Click HERE to purchase this product.

You can look like you just stepped out of a professional makeup artist’s chair when you put these tips to work. Looking your best will allow you to feel more confident and facing the day at any age will be easy.

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