7 Foundation Tips for a LimeLife Flawless Look

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Wearing foundation is one thing I love to do as I’ve gotten older and now 50 is not old to me. It hides a lot of my imperfections and honestly makes me look younger while providing a lot of cute makeup looks. I’ve worn the best foundations for decades, and that’s why I feel qualified to share my makeup tips with you ladies. It takes skill and effort when it comes to applying makeup, and if you’re a beauty guru, you may always be seeking the top foundation for natural makeup looks. I’m here to share some of my beauty tips for women and today we’re going to learn how to make your top foundation look flawless and help you look ten years younger.

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Skin Therapy moisturizer by LimeLife by Alcone

Prepare your skin

Before you begin applying makeup, it’s vital to get your dry skin fully moisturized ready prior to putting on foundation. It’s likely you may have rough and dry patches that will need immediate attention before makeup application. Click HERE to read the top benefits of this wax-based foundation.

The good news is this beauty product can be used as the best anti aging eye cream you may find. Knowing that 50 is not old may be one of the ways to encourage you to use it.

There are two makeup techniques I want to share with you for prepping the skin. The first one is I always use a rich moisturizer to combat my dry skin and reduce wrinkles. This is a beauty tip I’ve used for decades and can improve the look of your skin by helping you look ten years younger.

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Here are some more details about Skin Therapy:

This rich moisturizer drenches your skin with hydrating ingredients, such as Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Sterols, and naturally occurring sugars, while Oat Protein calms and soothes. This rich moisturizer will immediately and visibly restore dry, aged, and inflamed skin. “

Do you want to have dry skin that looks younger and appears firmer? What about making your wrinkles less visible and having a smoother surface for applying your makeup? You can have all of this by using Skin Therapy!

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Prepare your skin with the right products prior to putting on foundation.

Use a primer

One of the best makeup tips for women I can tell you about today is to invest in the best primer. I must admit I use a couple that I truly love and you can click HERE to get a spray primer that’s free of chemicals.

Regardless if you’re looking for cute makeup looks or natural makeup looks it’s vital to have the right makeup essentials on hand at all times.

Primers will help your highest rated foundation stay on all day and this is a great beauty tip. It provides a base before applying makeup and helps your skin look smoother and flawless. Click HERE to get the spray primer and finishing spray for ONLY $55.

Model before and after using LimeLife by Alcone products.
Model before using LimeLife by Alcone products and after usage.

Choose the highest rated foundation

There’s just no better makeup tips and techniques that to know how to make your foundation be perfect unless you choose the highest rated foundation. Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent drugstore brands out there but it’s hard to beat a wax based foundation.

I’ve used all types over the years from liquid to cream. However, I now only use a wax based foundation for dry skin because it does wonders for my skin and offers natural makeup looks. Click HERE to read an article on saving money with sets.

It helps my skin look like I have nothing on an applying wax based foundation is key. It’s light-weight and easy to blend. It’s also build-able, and I can choose how much coverage I want for the day or even work harder for cute makeup looks.

What’s the best foundation you may ask? I swear by LimeLife’s Botanical Foundation, and I LOVE It. Click HERE to read an article on this high-quality makeup foundation.

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Below is a video of famous makeup artist Wayne Gross about why LimeLife foundation is the best.

Video of Wayne Gross

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Did I mention it’s a celebrity makeup and even 50 is not old when many people in this industry use it? Well, it is, and many of your favorite movie stars wear it on and off screen for natural makeup looks.

Choose the right lighting for makeup application.

Find good lighting

If you want to know how to apply makeup one of the best things I can tell you is to find good light. This could be near a window in your home or outside on your deck for that matter.

Natural lighting can help you get a better idea of what your makeup will look like outside. Other tips include investing in a high-quality makeup mirror that has lights. As you get older, you may find you need this lighting variety more and more!

Use the highest quality beauty blender.

Blend, blend, blend

When applying makeup, you’ll want to blend and then blend some more. The entire purpose of obtaining natural makeup looks is by not having your foundation makeup show too much.

Once you take the quiz above to find your ideal foundation shade, this will be easy. Merely use a beauty blender, buffer brush or your fingers to get the right look and create any cute makeup looks in the process.

I love the beauty blender when wearing the highest rated foundation or my holy grail! This helps me get a smooth and even application that makes my foundation look more natural. Click H

LimeLife by Alcone’s concealer.

Don’t forget a concealer

If you’re more mature woman like me or even 15 years younger, you want to use the best concealer and click HERE for LimeLife’s waterproof concealer for only $24.. This is one of the best makeup tips you could hear today!

Finding the best full coverage concealer can make a huge difference in your overall natural makeup looks.

View the the video below for an application of LimeLife’s concealer:


The best full coverage concealer will work to minimize your lines, reduce eye puffiness and hide dark circles. All of these imperfections are sure to occur at some point in life. Putting this beauty tip to work may be the right way to improve your confidence.

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Are you tired of under eye puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles? You can get rid of these and so much more when you use this waterproof concealer and even 50 is not old with the right application.

Always set your makeup with a powder.

Apply a translucent powder

After applying makeup, it’s important to set it. You don’t want to go to all that trouble for nothing, do you? You want your makeup to last all day from morning to evening,

Using a translucent powder could be one of the top makeup tips you hear this week. There are tons of options to choose from in many price ranges. If you want one that’s cruelty and chemical free click HERE to purchase a setting powder.

There’s nothing like a nude lipstick to help you look and feel put together any time of the day. You can create both cute makeup looks and natural makeup looks when you choose a nude lipstick.

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