6 Top LimeLife Products You Need in 2020!

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Are you ready for the new year that’s swiftly approaching? You may wish to appear your ABSOLUTE best when the ball drops. Having LimeLife’s professional cosmetics on hand will make this a BREEZE! Why not start 2020 off right by having many of Limeife by Alcone’s beauty products in your arsenal?

LimeLife Botanical Foundation

Botanical foundation

Perfecting your skin is super easy when you use this LimeLife’s wax-based foundation. OMG, your skin will look amazing, and it’s up to you to decide on the amount of coverage want. This is the best foundation that is totally buildable and looks like your real skin!

This foundation will LAST all day and comes in a wide range of colors. Click HERE to take a color quiz to find the right shade that matches yous skin tone. Click HERE to purchase this high-quality foundation.

The BEST news is you can get this foundation for ONLY $36 and will LAST you for months. Click HERE to read more about this amazing foundation.

Make a $58 purchase of LimeLife beauty products, and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING!

Perfect mascara

Ladies, if there was ever a time to bat your eyelashes it’s before the ball fall!!! Of course, you need to have them on first and using the best mascara will allow you to do this.

LimeLife’s beauty product the Perfect mascara is just that. This best mascara will lengthen your lashes like NO other and is ONLY $22!!! Omg, it will last you for three months!!!

Click HERE to read an article on this how to make your eyes look younger and click HERE to purchase it.

Strike rich brow gel

Get your brows on in no time flat and get out to celebrate! LimeLife’s strike rich brow gel can be applied in under a minute!!

It’s comes in four different colors and is ONLY $20!! Where else can you get such a fantastic product for such a LOW cost? Click HERE to get it.

Bath pom

Of course, getting your skin in tip-top shape before the new year enters is ideal. You want your skin to feel smooth and ready for all that’s about to come your way.

LimeLife has a beauty product that’s a bath pom and is like nothing you’ve ever used before and is ONLY $12!! Can you believe that? How great you’ll smell and skin that feels like butter!! Click HERE to buy it.

Enduring lip color (ELC)

Get your red lips on by choosing Cherry Pie ELC and wait no longer for the excitement to begin. If you want another color, no worries there are TONS to choose.

This enduring lipstick goes on matte and LASTS all day. You can eat, drink, snuggle or enjoy your chocolates with it staying in place! ONLY $20 and FREE Shipping with $58 order.

Click HERE to read an article on this lip color and HERE to buy it.


Perfect lip gloss

Top off LimeLife’s enduring lip color with a bit of lip gloss and look like the princess you are. LimeLife’s perfect lip gloss comes in several colors that range from neutral to bold.

This beauty product is in a bling case that you’ll love and looks so spectacular. Guess what? There’s even a mirror on the back!! Omg, you can get ready at any place!!!!

This is a non-stick formula that moisturizes your lips and only costs $18!! Click HERE to read an article about this lip gloss and HERE to buy it! Say what, I’ll take it!

You can be ready for the ball to drop with the confidence you need wearing your LimeLife by Alcone products. FREE Shipping with every $58 order!

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