6 Top Beauty Tips for Applying Mascara for Luscious Lashes

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What is one of the first things that may be noticed about you? Your face is the key to any communication, and your eyelashes can attract the right or wrong attention. Just the other day, I was getting ready for an appointment and couldn’t figure out what was missing before heading out the door. It was my eyelashes!! Imagine me showing up in front of tons of people without my BIG lashes? Yikes. I want to share the top tips that make my lashes look bold, beautiful, and long.


1. Use a high-quality mascara

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend working on your eyelashes or the number of coats you apply if you don’t have a top beauty product in hand. Choosing a mascara with the right formula that’s free of parabens and chemicals is the wisest thing to do.

Finding the best mascara that offers hypoallergenic protection and the greatest long, luscious lashes in the process is a win win. LimeLife by Alone provides all of this in one mascara, and it only takes one step to put in place. This product will safely last three months and is ONLY $22 while being a professional mascara. Click HERE to make a purchase.

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2. Clean the wand

Each morning you start a new day with a brand-new slate. This is precisely how you’ll want your mascara wand to be to get the best look.

Cleaning the mascara wand is an easy thing to do and will only take a moment. You can use a Kleenex or other type of paper product to remove any leftover mascara.

Gently dip the wand into the mascara and begin applying. Doing this will eliminate the clumps that typically accompany using a dirty rod. You’ll have to remind me to tell you of my “clumping” story. Lol

3. Rock, roll, and wiggle

Do you get a tad bit excited when applying mascara? I usually listen to some of the greatest hits because it’s a process in helping me get beautiful. Feeling beautiful is the most significant part of the battle, and you’re sure to have a better day when you do.

The key to extending your natural lashes is by wiggling the wand a bit. This will help the best mascara product go on smoothly and with far less difficulty. The chances of clumping will be less, and you’ll have a smooth ride to luscious lashes. Click HERE to make a purchase.

Looking to save money? Get the mascara AND a liquid eyeliner for ONLY $38 and click HERE to purchase it. That is a fantastic savings.

4. Have a goal

What are you looking for in the best mascara? Is it volume, curl, or lengthening? Each mascara comes with a specialty item and finding the one that best suits your needs should be high on your list.

There are many limited editions of top mascaras that will offer specifics for you lashes. Taking a look at these can make a huge difference in the final results you may achieve.

5. Twirl, not pump

If you’re like me, you’ve used more mascaras over the years than you’ve seen Christmases. Ha! Women and mascara tend to go hand in hand.

You may likely have pumped your top mascara many times to get the finished luscious lash look. Sadly, you’re doing yourself an injustice because you’re putting air back into the tube, and this can cause bacteria to form.

The last thing you’ll want to do is pump your mascara until the cows come home. Ha! Twirl your wand in the mascara pot and watch the long lash magic appear.

6.  Use a specialty brush

Creating the final look doesn’t have to take too long but can make a huge difference in your last appearance. Buying a small brush with wide combs can allow you to separate your lashes for a more polished look.

Doing this will help get rid of clumps and unsightly overly made lashes. This should only take a few minutes to do but can make a big difference. Click HERE to purchase the BEST mascara..

There you have it, and you’ll look like a million with those gorgeous lashes. Please subscribe to My Beauty for You to learn more beauty tips and tricks.