6 Beginner Tips for Using Makeup

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Do you love natural makeup looks but just started wearing it? If so, you may be very eager to learn how to apply cosmetics with the right makeup essentials in hand. Taking time to learn the best way to use the top cosmetic products is vital. Looking your best will be a breeze when you use the right beauty products. Perfecting the look of your skin and appearing polished will be easy and even 50 is not old when you use the right touch! You can appear more put together when you put rely on these LimeLife by Alcone cosmetics to help.

Prep your skin

Did you know your makeup foundation will only look as good as your skin? This is a fact and choosing the best anti aging eye cream should be high on your agenda Using a high-quality moisturizer that fights inflammation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles will be you best friend ro many years.

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Before and After Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation
Before and After Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation
Before and After Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation
LimeLife was voted as a top foundation in Cosmopolitan

2. Use a high-quality foundation

It’s a fact that all beauty products aren’t created equal and this is why there are varying prices. It’s essential to use the best makeup foundation you can afford it if you want to look your polished and to create cute makeup looks.

You can read HERE about how to help solve makeup foundation problems. Applying your best foundation just right can make you look younger and better.

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Choosing LimeLife’s wax-based foundation will offer you the benefits below:

  • LimeLife by Alcone top cosmetics Offers 50% pigmentation compared to 10% that’s in many drugstore brands and this will save YOU money while creating natural makeup looks.
  • Doesn’t sink into your pores and looks like your real skin to help create cute makeup looks.
  • Offers buildable best foundation coverage that’s lightweight and feels like you’re not wearing anything!
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  • Stays in place all day and lasts for hours when used with a face primer!
  • Doesn’t cake and separate on your face like many makeup products and click HERE to read an article on this makeup foundation.

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Two Costs of LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara
Drugstore brand mascara versus LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara

3. Separate your lashes

Are you tired of eyelashes that look thin? You can change this by knowing how to apply the best mascara. You’ll want to use the highest quality mascara and one that is hypoallergenic for healthier eyes.

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Applying one or two coats is entirely up to you. However two coats will make your eyes look more dramatic and using eyeliner looks that help is great.

One of the top beauty tips is to thoroughly separate your lashes putting on your mascara. You can use a comb or even save old mascara brush to do this. Click HERE to read more tips for mascara beginners.

How to get your lips ready for lip products.

4. Prepare your lips

Having fuller and luscious lips will typically depend on what you do before applying cosmetics. You’ll want to do a simple lip scrub on a routine basis for exfoliation prior to applying lip color for any cute makeup looks.

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Below are the top ingredients you can use for a homemade lip scrub:

  • 1 tbsp. of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. of honey
  • 2 tbsp. of brown sugar

Mix all of these items together and store in a clean container.  You should have enough of this mixture to last you a long time and save you money!

Other tips you’ll want to remember when exfoliating your lips is to use a gentle touch. You can also apply this mixture to your lips with an old toothbrush and then have your lip color nearby.

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Two costs of LimeLife by Alocone’s Perfect Mascara
LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara
Two coats of LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara

5.  Go for bigger eyes

Getting a bolder makeup look from your eyes will be easier to do when your eyeshadow doesn’t crease and opting for a cut crease eyeshadow look is ideal.. You can make this possible by using a eye shadow primer and making cute makeup looks. One makeup tip that’s tried and true is to use a color corrector concealer if this all you have and using the best full coverage concealer.

Below are the steps for making your eyes appear larger:

  • Prime your eyelids with primer or concealer.
  • Use a neutral color eye shadow over your entire lid.
  • Choose a slightly darker color to put in the crease of your eyelid for a cut crease eyeshadow look.
  • Apply a liquid eyeliner around your lashes and click HERE to get it and look for the best eyeliner looks.
  • Place a lighter tone color on the inside corner of your eyes.
  • Finish up with one or two coats of the best mascara and click HERE to purchase LimeLife’s Perfect mascara for only $22.

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Click HERE for mascara tips for beginners.

From zero lashes to long and luscious lashes with Perfect Mascara

6. Set your makeup

After you’ve gone to all the trouble of putting your makeup on, you’ll want to ensure it stays in place and provide natural makeup looks. Using the best loose setting powder is the top method for doing so with ease.

You’ll want to go over your entire face with a transculent powder and use a light touch. Doing this will keep your makeup in place for the entire day and offers more natural makeup looks.

Looking your best will help feel more confident and ready to take on the world. Putting these beauty tips for beginners to work is certain to have you off to the right start.

Keep in mind you’ll need certain makeup essentials to help you create cute makeup looks or natural makeup looks at any age.

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