8 Makeup Tips for a Flawless Face

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Ensuring your makeup stays in place all day can be tough. If you’re at work for eight hours per day, you may rub off a lot of your foundation. Constantly touching your skin throughout the day isn’t ideal. It’s important to know the right makeup skills for your makeup to look flawless and stay put. Putting the following makeup tips to work can allow you to enjoy these benefits.

Use a Rich Moisturizer

Your makeup will only look as good as your skin. It’s imperative to rely on a moisturizer that’s cruelty free and has no chemicals in it.

Keeping your skin in good condition is the key to having a flawless makeup look. It’s ideal to apply a moisturizer each day to enjoy these benefits.

Skin Therapy is a rich moisturizer that drenches your skin with hydrating ingredients, such as Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Sterols, and naturally occurring sugars, while Oat Protein calms and soothes.

This rich moisturizer will immediately and visibly restore dry, aged, and inflamed skin. Click HERE to get it for $26 and FREE SHIPPING with any $58 purchase.

Use a face primer

Priming your face before putting on your foundation is essential. Using a high-quality primer will help your makeup last through the day and night.

Of course, it’s up to you to choose a silicone-based product, such as NYX Smooth Perfect Primer or one that is silicone free. The good news is you can buy NYX for around $10 and putting it in place can help your foundation stay put.

You’ll want to put the primer all over your face and especially around your T-zone. This will allow your makeup to avoid sliding off during the day.

Don’t skimp on the foundation

It’s never a good time to wear cheap foundation. You want one that has staying power like LimeLife’s wax-based foundation and lasts for hours.

This product will stay in place like no other because it’s known as a celebrity makeup. Yes, ladies, the stars wear this foundation, and this tells you just how amazing it is.

Some of the benefits of a wax-based foundation are listed below:

  • Looks like your real skin.
  • Light-weight in texture but lasts all day.
  • Offers 50% pigmentation versus 10% in most drugstore brands.
  • Allows for buildable coverage.
  • There’s no caking or separating with a wax-based foundation.
  • Easy to apply and goes over your pores rather than in your skin.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

The best news yet is you can get a full-sized foundation for ONLY $36, and it can last you for months.

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Click below to see a video of LimeLife foundation being applied:


Use a setting powder

Each day will bring about a lot of activity, and this takes a toll on your makeup. This is the time to go the extra mile and apply a setting powder that will allow your foundation to remain in place.

Regardless if you use a loose or pressed powder, you’ll want to ensure every inch of your face is set. It’s ideal for taking a bit of extra time during this step to get the perfect look.

Fortunately, if you do use pressed powder in a compact, you can slip this item in your purse. Click HERE to purchase LimeLife’s pressed powder for ONLY $24, and it will last you for months.

Take time with your eyes

One of the first things that will get the attention of your date and make your prom photos look fantastic is your eyes. It’s essential to follow the steps below if you want to have eye makeup that doesn’t smudge and stays in place:

  • Use a high-quality eye primer on your lids.
  • Invest in a power eye shadow that’s long-lasting.
  • Apply your eye shadow from the start of your eyelid to the very top with a lighter color.
  • Do a bit of contouring by putting a darker color in the crease of your lid and blending.
  • Choose a liquid eyeliner that gets close to your eyelashes and will last all night and click HERE for a liquid liner.
  • Invest in a hypoallergenic quality mascara, builds long lashes and make your eyelashes look fuller. Click HERE to get LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara for ONLY $20.
  • Put a dusting of translucent powder on your eyelashes in between coats of mascara.

Frame your face

One of the most important and best beauty tips you can learn is doing your eye brows. You’ll want to be sure these are in place and will frame your face.

You may choose to use a liner for this job. However, you can rely on LimeLife’s Striking Rich Brow Gel for your brows. Click HERE to purchase it.

Simply choose from one of the four colors. Then you’ll use the wand to line your brows for either a dramatic or natural look.

You may want to use a setting spray that will help these stay in place.

Apply a powder blush

Ladies, as much as you may love cream blush because of ease of use, you should skip it on prom night. This is the time to use a powder blush that has staying power.

Choose a light pink color, so you don’t look too made up and place it solely on our cheeks. It’s a great idea to use a bronzer underneath your blush to give your cheeks a lift and to make your face look slimmer.

Choose lasting lips

You may be doing a lot of smiling, kissing and eating on prom night. All of this will take quite a toll on your lips, and you may not have time for multiple touch ups.

Don’t worry because you can have lips that last by merely putting the tips below to work:

  • Line your lips with a dark and neutral lip liner.
  • Fill in your lip with the lip liner before applying lip color.
  • Use a liquid lipstick that’s long lasting over your lips and click HERE for this.
  • Press your lips together and put a dusting of translucent powder are great beauty tips.
  • Use another coat of liquid lipstick
  • Top this off with a gloss or go for the matte look.

If you follow these beauty tips, you’ll have lips that will appear freshly applied all night. You’ll be ready for your closeup any time during prom.

Looking your best may never be as important as it is on prom night. You’ve gone to all the trouble of buying a beautiful dress, lining up a date, so why not take a bit of extra time on your makeup? Putting these beauty tips to work will ensure your makeup stays in place all night long.

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