6 Simple Tips for Applying Lipstick Perfectly

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Taking time to put your lipstick on just right is not something you may do each day. However, if you want to look your best and improve your makeup look, this is a task you shouldn’t avoid doing. There are many beauty tips that will help your lipstick appear perfect and learning these can be helpful.

1. Exfoliate

Starting with a clean slate is the ideal method for getting the lipstick look you crave. This means using ensuring your lips are full exfoliated by relying on the right beauty products.

Exfoliation will enable your lips to appear smoother and this can drastically improve your lipstick application. You can purchase an exfoliator but you may have some items you can use at home, such as an old toothbrush you can use with a light touch.

2. Use a base

One of the ideal ways to help your lipstick appear flawless is by using a lipstick base. This can be your concealer because this will provide a perfect look.

Simply dab a bit of your concealer on your lips and this will be the base necessary to help your lipstick last all day. Looking for a waterproof concealer that will stand the test of time? Click HERE to buy it.

If you’re more on a budget, click HERE to find the top drugstore concealers to up your makeup game.

3. Always use a lip liner

The importance of a lip liner shouldn’t be denied when it comes to having a professional lipstick appearance. Lining the outside of your lips just a bit and make the cupid’s bow will allow you to have lipstick that will stay in place.

You can accentuate the cupid’s bow by simply putting an X where it is and lining around it. If you’re looking or super staying lipstick power, you may want to fill in your lips with the liner. Click HERE to purchase a professional lip liner that will last all day.

4. Put the lipstick on

The next step is to apply the lipstick with steady hand. This will allow the lipstick to look the best and is certain to ensure it remains in place.

If you’re using a tube of lipstick, it’s a great idea to build the coverage. This may mean putting a couple of coats in place to get the best appearance.

One of the great things about a creamy lipstick is it will provide a certain amount of moisturization for the lips. Click HERE to purchase a professional lipstick.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for staying power it could be a good idea to rely on a liquid lipstick. These are formulated to last all day and typically won’t need touching up at all. Click HERE to read about the benefits of this lipstick.

5. Blot your lips

Ensuring your lipstick stays in place all day will mean blotting it just a bit. This can be helpful in removing any excess lipstick in the process.

Simply use a tissue to do this and you’ll be ready for the day with lipstick that will stay in place.

6. Dab a bit of lip gloss

The final step you’ll want to take to ensure your lips look ready for any situation is to use a bit of lip gloss. This can be the extra moisturization you need if you do decide to use a liquid lipstick.

It’s ideal to select a gloss that’s of the highest quality because it will have less stickiness. The professional lip gloss I use comes in a beautiful package and is absolute amazing. Click HERE to read an article on it and click HERE to buy it.

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