6 Reasons to Become a LimeLife by Alcone Beauty Guide for ONLY $21!!!

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It can be hard to land a job in this day and age. It seems that 2020 and the virus that accompanied it will go on forever. This is the time when you need to think of other ways to supplement your income. Finding a flexible job you can do any time of the day may be high on your to-do list. I feel fortunate that I have one of the best work at home jobs you’ll find and that’s selling LimeLife by Alcone. It’s a fact that you can JOIN and become a beauty  guide for ONLY $21 through Jan. Click HERE to do this.

Reason #1:  Low entry fee

Where else can you have the opportunity to sell the best skincare and cosmetics in the world for ONLY $21? It’s just not going to happen these days.

LimeLife by Alcone knows just how much people are suffering during these perilous times. This is why this amazing business is allowing YOU to join for this unheard of rate.

Below are the details of this amazing offer:

Exclusively for the month of January, we’re launching a Build Your Own Starter Kit – starting at just $21 USD! Just $21 covers all of your start-up costs, and you can select from carefully curated add-ons to build the kit you want. (YOU DON”T HAVE to ADD ON anything to join!)

STEP 1: Choose Your Starter Kit Purchasing any starter kit also includes a personalized website, access to your back office and our Beauty Guide App where you will manage your business, and training resources to get you started. You will also be connected to our community of Beauty Guides and members of the Home Office to support and cheer you on!

Build Your Own Starter Kit – $21

Just $21 covers all of your start-up costs plus all of the support mentioned above. New enrollees will not receive any product upon enrollment unless they choose to build their own kit by selecting up to 6 “Add-Ons” below!

Simply fill out the application and choose at least one or more of the six offers and you’ll be on your way to start earning as much as 20% on your first sell. Click HERE to read an article on other starter kits.

Reason #2: Enjoy your job

Do you love meeting new people or talking to old friends? Either way selling the best professional skincare and cosmetics will allow you to do so.

There is a complete training guide that will show you how to get and keep customers. You’ll have instant access to a library of photos to post on any social media site.

Connecting with others during this high time of isolation is a fantastic way to boost your mood.

Reason #3: Earn money

LimeLife by Alcone offers one of the top compensation plans you’ll find on the market. You even get paid when you purchase a product at a discount! The money will be added to your commission to spend as you please.

You can earn up to 35% commission when you sell the best professional cosmetics on the market. See the commission chart above but as soon as you hit $500 you earn 25% on your sales. Click HERE to join.

Reason #4: Low requirements

The last thing you may want to do is to feel as if you’re a slave to your business when you need to take some time to yourself. Fortunately, when you join LimeLife by Alcone, you’ll have the chance to work at your own pace.

In fact, the only requirement you have is to be active or sell $300 worth of products once every four months? Can you believe that?  That is so easy to do.

I have to say I sell part-time and made $5k last year alone and it’s only been my second year. This is an excellent place to work and earn whatever you want. Click HERE to join for $21.

Reason #5: Discount on products

Being able to get your own skincare and beauty products at a discounted rate is certainly the motivation you may need to join. Your discounted rate will depend on the commission you earn and remember you can earn up to 35%.

I personally love Limelife and it’s the only skincare and makeup I use. You can click HERE to learn more about my personal skincare routine.

Reason #6: Earn incentives

Who doesn’t want to get bonuses for doing a good job? There are all types of incentives for selling LImeLife by Alcone that range from a cupcake making kit to a trip to a Carribbean Island to earning thousands of dollars.

All you have to do is be active and recive an incentive you can use in your home or other location. Sell a lot of products and the sky is the limit. Click HERE to join.

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