6 Makeup Tips for Mature Women

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Getting older isn’t easy. I’ll vouch for that because I know. The key to looking your best will rest in feeling good. Just because you’re in your 40’s or 50’s doesn’t have to mean life is over. You can still look attractive and feel good about yourself. However, you may need to make a bit more of an effort and choose the right cosmetic products. I think I’ve heard all my life that “Less is More,” and as an aging lady, I now know why! Are you ready to learn the top makeup tips for looking better with age? If so, read on, and I’m happy to tell you.

Choose the right foundation

There’s nothing that may age your faster than wearing the wrong color foundation. You want your skin to be perfected but not unrecognizable.

I have to admit it’s easy to think more makeup can help you look younger, but it won’t. It’s important to choose a foundation that matches your neck and chest.

Of course, I like build-able coverage for the days I want to wear less or more. My makeup looks like real skin, is lightweight and wears well all day. Click HERE to buy what I use and take the quiz to find your ideal color.

Use a matte eyeshadow

This isn’t the time to use bright metallic eyeshadows if you want to look younger than you are. It’s a great idea to stick to matte eyeshadows for a more natural look.

Leave the shimmer to the younger crowd unless you want to appear too overly made up each day. If you’re like me, you may start seeing hooded eyes, and you don’t want to accentuate this.

I always use a primer under my eye shadow to help prevent creasing. It works well and will help your eye shadow last all day. Click HERE to purchase a long wearing and high-quality brand.

Let go of the shimmer

I’ve always loved a highlighter but not lately. It seems to make me appear years older, and that’s not my goal.

I rarely wear a highlighter when I leave the house anymore. Maybe just a light touch on an extraordinary night but it’s certainly not in my everyday makeup bag.

Lighten up on the concealer

There’s not a better cosmetic on the market to help older eyes appear more youthful than a concealer. However, you don’t need to pack it on to get useful results

Using a light hand can make a world of difference in how your makeup appears before heading out the door. Just put a small amount under your eyes and don’t forget to use a finishing powder to keep it in place and prevent creasing.

I always use an undereye concealer that’s just a shade or two lighter than my foundation. This gives me a perfect look, and you can click HERE to buy the one I use.

Use a white eyeliner

If you’re like most women, you may use an eyeliner of some type. When I do wear makeup, I use a liquid black liner on just the top upper eyelid. This is one of the best makeup tips.

I do love liquid because it doesn’t pull at my mature eyes like many of the pencils you may buy. However, putting a bit of white eyeliner in the corner of your eyes can give you a fresh and bright look.

This is super easy to apply and can help your eyes look wider and brighter with ease. The best news is you don’t have to invest in super pricey white eyeliner. Most any brand will do the trick just fine.

Never skip the mascara

There’s nothing like a good mascara that will help your eyes appear more youthful and pop. If you want to ensure you get attention with age, you may need a mascara to help.

Use just one coat for an everyday look or use two if you’re headed out on the town. I only use a hypo-allergenic brand that helps my eyes avoid irritation.

I love long and lush eyelashes because this just makes me look and feel beautiful. Don’t forget to curl your lashes if you want that extra boost to in the morning. Click HERE to buy my favorite mascara!

Getting older doesn’t mean life is over, but it may mean you have to work a bit harder. I still feel great and exercise almost every day. I’m proud to age because there’s no better alternative is there? Take time to put these tips to work and get out and enjoy life! Please subscribe to My Beauty for You and click HERE to browse my LimeLife store!