6 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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One of the challenges you may learn to live with when getting older is having hooded eyes. This can be difficult for helping your feel confident of getting out in the world. However, it’s incredibly possible to make your hooded eye appear more youthful. Putting these tips to work is the key to making this happen.

1. Use an eye primer

The key to helping your eye makeup stay in place throughout the day is using an eyeshadow primer. Never put on your eyeshadow without first applying a primer.

Fortunately, there are many drugstore brands that you may enjoy offered at a fraction of the cost. Choosing a light-colored eyelid primer is the key to helping you get the makeup look you need.

2. Consider lighter shades

It’s a great idea to avoid using harsh or bold eyeshadow colors. These can make you appear older than you’d like and may draw attention to hooded eyes.

Selecting lighter colors can assist the eye in appearing more open and youthful-looking in the process. Don’t forget to add a bit of contouring in the upper corner of your eye.

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3. Curl your lashes

Having lashes that look fuller will require some effort on your behalf to achieve. The first thing you may want to do is use an eyelash curler to give your lashes an upward appearance.

Curling your lashes can make a huge difference in how your eye makeup will appear. LimeLife by Alcone offers one of the highest quality eyelash curlers you’ll find on the market and click HERE to make a purchase.

4. Purchase eyelid tape

One of the top ways to help your eyes appear less hooded is by using an eyelid tape. This beauty product will help your eyelids look more youthful.

The tape will help pull your eyelids up and decrease the appearance of hooded eyes. Relying on this cosmetic product could be the key to having a much younger looking eye.

5. Buy smaller eye makeup brushes

The ideal way to get rid of hooded eyes is by using smaller eye makeup brushes. This will allow you to easily blend in the eyeshadow and allow for a much better appearance.

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6. Apply an eyeliner

One of the top ways to open up the eyes is by using a liquid eyeliner. These can be much easier to apply than many of the harder eye makeup pencils.

Selecting a high-quality liquid eyeliner can help lift your eyes and allow the to appear less hooded. This is a great way to help make your eyes pop. Click HERE to purchase LimeLife by Alcone’s liquid eyeliner.

Feeling your best may mean applying your makeup correctly and reducing the appearance of hooded eyes. Please visit My Beauty for You and learn more beauty tips to help you look great!