6 LimeLife Products Around $20 and LESS!

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I’m here to tell you there is not another professional skincare or makeup that will improve your skin or enhance your appearance like LimeLife. Regardless if you’re looking to for younger skin or a flawless complexion, you can have it. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to make this possible. There are numerous products that are a tad bit over $20 and even more that are under $20. Grab a pencil and notepad because adding these LimeLife by Alcone’s beauty products to your makeup bag is vital. Don’t forget FREE SHIPPING with any $58 order.

Perfect Mascara

What lady doesn’t love the best mascara? I think I have truly tried most by now.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara is NOT your ordinary mascara. Below are just a few reasons to add this beauty product to your vanity:

  1. Lengthens the lashes.
  2. Offers buildable coverage and you can use one or two coats.
  3. Hypoallergenic and is great for sensitive eyes.
  4. Only requires you to use ONE step.
  5. All-natural ingredients and it’s cruelty and paraben free.

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Want to learn more about this top-rated mascara? Click HERE to read an article on the benefits of it.

This is the Cadillac of mascaras and will make your lashes LONG and who doesn’t need long lashes? Looking for a SUPER DEAL?

For a limited time, you can get FOUR Perfect Mascaras for ONLY $64 and FREE SHIPPING. Click HERE To get this deal.

Perfect Eyeliner

When I wear eyeliner, I want one that gives my eyes a pop and doesn’t pull hard on my mature eye. LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect eyeliner glides so smoothly that I can barely tell I’m using it.

LimeLife’s perfect eyeliner will allow you to have the most precise line next to your eyelashes. BEST of all it LASTS all day and I mean this baby isn’t going to leave your lashes until you take it off and it’s is ONLY $20! Click HERE to get it.

HOLIDAY special For a limited time you can get a mascara, gel eyeliner, brow gel and an eyelash curler for ONLY $38. Click HERE to get it.

Strike Rich Eyebrow Gel

I love framing my face and the ONLY way to do this is to put on my eyebrows. Age has really thinned out my “eye browers,” as I tell my husband. He thinks I say it too southern. Lol

LimeLife by Alcone’s brow gel comes in four colors and will stay on all day! Click HERE to get it for $20.

Enduring Lip Liner

Okay, I must admit I love lip products and there’s nothing like lip liner that will help your lips look bigger! I always wear a lip liner and lipstick even if I’m staying in and writing all day.

I will wear LimeLife’s enduring lip liner alone some days, and it feels like heaven to my lips. This beauty product comes in a wide variety of shades and is ONLY $18!!!

Click HERE to get it or go for a holiday collection for ONLY $24 and click HERE for that.

Perfect Lip Gloss

Do you ever just want to run to the store or get in a quick workout without looking dead? Well, all you need is a dab of LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect lip gloss, and you’re well on your way.

This is not your grandma’s lip gloss and below are the many reasons to choose it:

  • Offers a non-sticky formula that moisturizes your lips.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors to suit any makeup look from bold to neutral.
  • Has a blingy case that is goregous.
  • There’s a mirror on the back that will allow you to do lip touch ups while on the go.
  • Add this treasure to your cosmetic stash for a MERE $18. Click HERE to buy it.

Enduring Lip Color

Check out the colors in this video below:


Adding some color to your lips may have you ready to slay the day. If you’re like me, you want a lip color that will deliver and won’t rub off after the morning coffee.

LimeLife’s Enuring Lip Color will stay on for four to six hours! This is by far the creamiest lip stain you’ll ever use and it comes in so many gorgeous colors.

Are you a lip product fanatic like me? If so, this is must read on the many colors of LimeLife by Alcones’s Enduring lip color and click HERE to read it.

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There you have it from a tried and true makeup fanatic!! Grab your fav’s for these low prices and save more by getting FREE SHIPPING with a $58 order!!

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