6 LimeLife Products for $20 for Christmas Gifts!

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There simply isn’t a more professional cosmetic’s company better than Limelife.  I’m as honest as the day is long and I KNOW my beauty products. I want to SHARE with you today SIX of my All TIME favorite LimeLIfe products that are around $20 that will make great Christmas gifts. You can count on these high-quality items lasting you for MONTHS and these will up your spring makeup game! AND you can get FREE SHIPPING with any $58 order and that’s an AMAZING DEAL!

This amazing set is ONLY $136 and FREE SHIPPING!!! It’s valued at over $250 and you can customize it. Click HERE to buy it!

Perfect Mascara

I use mascara each day and have tried most of the higher end brands and LOVE wearing it on spring days. However, this is NOT your ordinary mascara and it bypasses any drugstore brand you’ll ever find. What lady doesn’t want a tube of this high-quality mascara in a stocking?

If you want to lengthen your lashes by using fibers in ONLY one step, this is the product to use. LimeLife’s Perfect mascara is ONLY $22! Click HERE to get it.

Click the link below to see this mascara being applied:


Don’t take my word for it but simply look at the before and after picture above this paragraph! It’s also hypoallergenic and this makes it the best mascara for sensitive eyes. What a great Christmas gift idea!

Perfect Eyeliner

I  love wearing eyeliner because it makes my eyes POP and we all want to look our best in the spring! You can count on the liquid eyeliner doing a heck of  job during the winter months.

LimeLife’s perfect eyeliner  is PEFECT for getting near your lash line!. I mean this baby will stay all day once you put it in place and BEST YET it’s ONLY $18!! Click HERE to buy it.

Did I mention this liquid eyeliner is smudge proof? Check out this video to view how it won’t budge!


Strike Rich Eyebrow Gel

If you want to add the perfect frame to your face on a lovely winter day you’ll want to add eyebrows. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas you’ll find.

LimeLife’s Strike Rich Eyebrow Gel is AMAZING. It comes in four colors and you simply place it near your eyebrows and put in place.

Guess what? It’s a LimeLife product under $20 and will LAST a very long time. Click HERE to purchase it,

Enduring Lip Liner

Okay, I won’t go without my lip products. This one of a kind is professional formula will give you the lips you want.

I will wear LimeLife’s enduring lip liner alone if I’m going for a light makeup look. It comes in all of the shades listed above and will only cost you $18! Click HERE to buy it.

Did you know you get FREE SHIPPING with a $58 order? Where else can you get a deal like that?

Perfect Lip Gloss

If you want to avoid looking dead, you may need to put on a bit of lip gloss.  Simply use a dab of LimeLife’s Perfect lip gloss, and you’ll be ready to run errands, head to the gym or to tons of other things.

This gloss is available in numerous colors from neutral to bold! You’ll love the bling case and there’s even a mirror on the back! What an amazing idea for a Christmas gift!

View the video below to see the different colors:


Look at those babies and you only spend a MERE $18 for one! Click HERE to buy it.

Enduring Lip Color

LimeLife’s enduring lip color will last through all the things you need to do throughout the day. This includes eating, drinking or even going for a walk in the rain and is a LimeLife product under $20.

Are you a bold lip lover or does a neutral look suit you day?  There are ALL lip colors to suit all your looks and these are ONLY $20!! Click HERE to buy it.


LimeLife’s Botantical Foundation

Okay, ladies this foundation is over $20 and is actually $36 but I couldn’t stop myself from telling you about it. It’s wax-based, looks like real skin and will LAST all day!!!

Omg, you need this in your life! The best news is this LimeLife foundation  will last your for months because you only use a bit. It’s 50% pigmented, yes, it’s professional grade!!

Do you want to look your best during the Christmas holiday? This makeup foundation is the way to help you do so!

Watch this video of its amazing application:


You can take a foundation color matching quiz here. This will tell you the foundation color that will match your skin tone! Click HERE to purchase the foundation.

If you are a makeup fanatic like me, you’ll want to grab your fav’s and save more by getting FREE SHIPPING with a $58 order!! Please visit  My Beauty for you for additional ways to look beautiful!