6 Easy Tips for Keeping your Eye Makeup in Place All Day

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Getting to work may be the first thing on your mind when you get up for the day. Making a living is vital for keeping your bills pad and doing the things you enjoy. However, you’ll want to look your best, which may mean having your eye makeup just right. The key to ensuring you get the top eye makeup results may rest in putting the top beauty tips to work.

Clean your eyelids

Starting with a clean slate is the first step to ensuring your eye makeup look will last all day. Removing any of the oil from the night before is key to getting long-lasting results.

Never begin the process of applying any makeup without having a plan in mind. Ensuring your eyelids are clean should be foremost on your list.

Buy an eyelid primer

There’s nothing that will allow your eyeshadow look to remain in place like a good primer. Consider the reason why you use a primer on your walls before painting.

This ensures the paint color you use will stand the test of time and go on smoothly. Priming your lids will help your eyeshadow stay in place all day and provide a vibrant color in the process.

Choose the right eyeshadow

There are many eyeshadows that may not be long-lasting, and this is something you’ll want to take into strong consideration. While creams and glitters may appear blingy and attractive, these can wear off within a short amount of time.

It’s a much better option to select a powder-based eyeshadow that has the longest lasting staying power. Selecting a professional makeup grade, such as LimeLife by Alcone, should be high on your schedule.

You can build your own pallet of try out a color or two first. Click HERE to make a purchase.

Use a waterproof liquid eyeliner

It’s no secret that your eyes will look brighter and much more pronounced when you use eyeliner. Selecting a waterproof option will be the key to getting you through the day regardless what inspirational words you may hear.

There are number of benefits of using a waterproof liquid eyeliner, and one of these includes the precision you’ll be able to maneuver this beauty product with ease. Additionally, a waterproof liner will stay in place for hours, and this is precisely what you need. Click HERE to make a purchase and HERE to buy mascara and eyeliner for savings.

Apply a waterproof mascara

Getting long lashes doesn’t have to be that hard! I love to apply two coats of LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara to may lashes because this is the best mascara on the market.

If you want staying power, it’s a great idea to use waterproof mascara because this baby will last all day. It’s likely you’ll be exhausted way before your mascara is.

The excellent news about LimeLife by Alcone’s top mascara is it’s hypoallergenic and is free of chemicals and parabens. Click HERE to buy it.

Use a setting spray

Putting the finishing touches on your eye makeup look is the key to ensuring your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Never forget to use a setting spray to help you get the look that will stand the test of time.

Simply close your eyes and apply a generous amount of the spray on your eyes. This will help all of your eye makeup work last!. Click HERE to make a purchase.

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