6 Easy Eyeliner Tips to Get you Out the Door Fast

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Are you always in a hurry and there never seems to be enough time in the mornings? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to get to work or school on time. This can be increasingly challenging if you’re trying to put on makeup. However, looking your best may be foremost on your mind, and the key to getting out the door fast can depend on your makeup skills. One of the most difficult products to use may be eyeliner. Knowing easy tips for applying your eyeliner correctly and swiftly may be helpful.

1. Use a sharp eyeliner

It can be easy to get a bit lazy and not keep up your makeup products and tools. However, this won’t speed up the process of getting ready at all.

One top beauty tip that will help you get to where you need to be is sharpening your eyeliner pencil. Doing this will allow the pencil and color to glide on your eyelids swiftly and this is precisely what you’ll want. LimeLife’s sharpener is TOP QUALITY and is ONLY $6! Click HERE to buy it.

You’ll have your eyeliner in a perfect place in no time flat, and this is a much safer thing to do, as well. Using a dull pencil could cause damage to your eye, and you never want this to happen.

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2. Keep it even

Do you tend to have more liner on one of your eyelids than the other? This may not look the best but is a common issue many women do face.

Do you need some makeup sponges to help keep things in place? LimeLife has these for ONLY $3 and click HERE to buy it.

You can overcome this problem by dotting on your eyeliner gently on each lid. You can then fill this in at the same rate and doing so may decrease the chances of having more liner on one eye than the other.

3. Buy a liquid liner

Are you tired of sharpening eyeliner pencils? If so, you can get a more precise look by relying on a liquid liner.

These will deliver fast and accurately once you use this item a few times. Liquid liners can remain in place all day and not smudge the least bit when you choose the right one.

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4. Use tape as a stencil

One of the top beauty tips of all times is to use scotch tape as a stencil if you wish to do a wing with your liner. This is an attractive look that requires a high-quality eyeliner to complete. Click HERE to buy this.

Simply place the tape under your eye area and use the pencil to create a winged look. This may take a bit of practice for you to get the right look and the hang of this makeup tip.

5. Line only the upper lid

If you want to have a crisp and fresh look that helps your eyes stand out the most, it’s ideal to only line the upper eyelid. This can make your eyes pop and look much bigger and brighter.

Fortunately, it will only take a minute or two to do the upper lid, and this will provide a much lesser mess. Lining under the eye can make your eyes appear smaller and can create a messier look while taking too much time.

6. Buy a waterproof eyeliner

Regardless if you’re going to the pool or trying to avoid sweating off your eye makeup, it’s ideal to purchase a waterproof eyeliner. This can help keep your makeup in place and will keep it from running down your face.

If you want your makeup to look fresh and stay in place all day, it’s ideal to choose some waterproof products to make this possible. This is especially true if you live in a hot and humid area where the temperature is scorching in the summer.

Working to look your best doesn’t have to take a long amount of time. Simply knowing the right eyeliner tips will allow you get out the door in record time and have beautiful eyes that get attention. Don’t delay in putting these eyeliner techniques to the test and get out and about in the shortest time possible!

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