6 Easy Beauty Hacks for Everyday Life

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If you’re like me, you want to look good without a ton of effort. I mean who really wants to spend an hour applying an entire face? Please, I have other things to do, like writing! The good news is there are many things you can do use these beauty tips that will get you out the door fast! Work, school and other obligations are calling your name and being in a hurry each morning is likely.  Putting these easy beauty hacks to work can help make your day more comfortable and your life less stressful.

1.    Use a foundation brush

Regardless if you use a wax-based foundation, liquid or cream, you’re likely to have much better coverage and a smoother look when using a foundation brush for application. This is a tried and true beauty tip.

Doing this will help your makeup glide on your skin, and it’s much easier to touch up difficult areas. One of the most inexpensive but decent brushes on the market is by E.L.F., and it’s only three bucks!

2.    Wear a primer

I’ve tried wearing my foundation in a variety of ways, but if I want staying power, I use a primer. Now, there are two that I LOVE, and one is high end, and the other is not but this beauty tip works!

If I’m wearing my holy grail foundation that’s wax-based and by LimeLife I use their spray primer. All it takes is a spritz on my face, and I’m ready to apply their fantastic foundation. Click HERE to buy the foundation and here to take the color match quiz.

The drugstore prime I love is only $10, and I wear it under my drugstore foundation. It’s NYX Smooth Protecting Primer. Makes sense right?

3.    Choose dark eye shadow as liner

I try my best to have the things on hand I need for a full face but is it easy? NO!! I’m often running out of something, but I typically have tons of eye shadow.

What do I do if my eyeliner is gone? I use a small brush and line my eyes with a dark eye shadow. Yes, I do have black in my palette, and this is so easy to do.

Another tip that will get you out the door with a framed face is using an eye shadow for your brows? Got a brown or black shadow that’s never used? Well, get to putting that color to work for you and save some money.

4.    Lipstick as blush

I have no problem looking a bit red these days. In fact, my cheeks typically stay a pinkish color, and this has happened with age.

When I wear foundation, I want some blush on my cheeks. I love a good cream blush, but it’s hard to keep everything on my vanity.

I’ll use a rose or pink colored lipstick if I’m in a bind and this saves time and money! What a lifesaver when you’ve got an event to attend and your blushless!

5.    Don’t skimp on mascara

I live on a budget, and I genuinely don’t see that changing. However, if I want to get out the door fast, I do not skimp on mascara.

At my age, I KNOW you get what you pay for, and this hasn’t changed in decades. I do use a high-quality mascara that’s also hypoallergenic. Let’s say aging has literally brought tears to my eyes. Lol

I guess I’ve tried about 20 mascaras by now and LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara is just that! Perfect with no clumping or smudging and it LASTS all day. Click HERE to make it yours for ONLY $20 and FREE SHIPPING with a $58 purchase.

Don’t forget to dip your brush in a bit of water or lubricating eye drops to make it last a tad longer. However, taking care of your precious peepers means replacing your mascara every three months.

6.    Count on concealer

Many days I just do my skincare routine and dab a bit of concealer under my eyes. It reduces puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and I’m good to go with my lips on, of course.

Here again, you have a ton of choices for your under-eye concealer. I have my high-end but is it high? LimeLife’s concealer is $24, but it lasts for months because you get a whole pan of it. Click HERE to purchase it.

I do enjoy Maybelline Instant Age Rewind but you only get a small amount for $10  or so. It’s an excellent concealer to use when you have a no makeup day!

There you have it, ladies. You’re ready to slay the day and get out the door fast by putting these tips to work. Please subscribe to My Beauty for You and let’s learn how to look great daily!