5 Ways to Ensure Your Makeup Last During the Heat of Summer

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If you live in a hot and humid region, you may dread going outside. It’s scorching in North Carolina and temperatures will soar to record numbers this summer. However, you can make sure your makeup stays in place by putting these makeup tips to work. You can slay the day looking your best and never check your makeup once you leave the house.

Left side without a primer and right side with a primer. Notice the smoothness of the right side.

1. Always put on a primer

Helping your makeup last longer and remain in place better can be done easily when you use a primer. This is like setting your face for the foundation that you’re going to apply for the day.

Many primers are on the market that can get this job done. Some of these are heavier than others, and you may want to avoid using one with a lot of silicone.

I love Limelife’s Spray Primer because it’s like putting a spritz of freshness on your face and click HERE to buy it. It’s light and you’ll never feel anything heavy at all.

Below are the benefits of using this spray primer:

  1. Preps your skin for the makeup.
  2. Helps foundation last all day.
  3. Less patching and spotiness when used.
  4. Allows for a flawless application.
Before foundation on the left and after foundation on the right. All the redness and unclear skin is gone with LimeLife foundation.

The power of professional grade LimeLife cosmetics with a before and after.


2. Choose a wax-based foundation

The type of makeup you use will make a significant difference in the mileage you’ll get. Selecting a waterproof product that is wax-based for your foundation is the key.

LimeLife’s wax base foundation offers many benefits, and you can find these below:

1. Looks like your real skin and there isn’t any caking when using it.

2. Offers buildable coverage for an everyday look or going out on the town.

3. The product will typically last six to eight months.

4. What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream, you’ll have less chance of issues because it’s chemical free.

5. Reduces redness and aids in covering up several skin problems, such as rosacea and many others.

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Before the concealer was used.

After the use of LimeLIfe concealer and see how smooth the skin looks.

LimeLife concealer covered up the tattoo entirely on the right upper part of the arm.

3. Choose a concealer

For makeup that lasts throughout the day, you’ll want to ensure you layer it properly. Using an under-eye concealer is a great idea because doing so will provide an additional layer of cosmetics.

If you have any amount of puffiness, eye bags, dark circles or other undereye concerns, you’ll want to use a high-quality concealer. LimeLife’s concealer offers the best coverage and can even  cover up tattoos, as shown in the picture above this section.

Another huge benefit of this concealer is that it is WATERPROOF and will stay in place regardless if you’re going for a swim or spending time in the heat. This concealer comes in a wide selection of colors and is ONLY $24 and click HERE to buy it.

Before and after picture of using LimeLife Perfect Mascara.

Building up the layers of mascara with LimeLife.
The Perfect LimeLife Mascara for any day of the week.

4. Select a water-resistant mascara

One of the biggest concerns you may have when it comes to being outside for extended amounts of time is having to deal with mascara that runs.  Once you get your eyes and lashes wet by sweating or swimming, this is very common to occur.

However, you can have a much less chance of this occurring when you choose a mascara that resistant to water. Are you looking to look your best regardless of how hot the day maybe?

If so, you’ll want to rely on LimeLIfe’s Perfect Mascara to help you do so. You may be amazed at how much more significant and fuller your lashes will be when you do this one thing.

This mascara will lengthen your lashes while making these fuller and best yet the cost is only $20. Click HERE to purchase this item.

5. Set it with powder

The final step in helping your makeup stand the test of time and the heat is by using a setting powder. Choosing a high-quality setting powder is the key to ensuring your makeup will remain in place regardless of what the day will bring.

You’ll want to rely on a setting power that seals your makeup in place and doesn’t alter the color of it. This is precisely what LimeLife’s setting powder can do for you.

Some of the advantages of using this product to help your makeup last are that it’s translucent, doesn’t cake, crease or cause flashback. It’s easy to apply and is ONLY $24, and you can click HERE to get it.

You can get the most out of your summer and have makeup on your face during the heat and humidity. This will take some effort on your part to do, and the right application of high-quality products but is entirely possible.

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