5 Tips to Stop your Mascara From Smudging

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What lady hasn’t looked in the mirror and noticed her best mascara on the market smudging? This can be embarrassing if you’re out in public. Did that person you just passed on the street snicker because your mascara is out of place? What about that board meeting you just attended and thought others were staring? Wearing mascara that smudges can make you look a bit silly and is something you’ll undoubtedly want to avoid. However, take heart there are tips you can put to work that will keep your mascara on your eyelashes.

Forget the creams

Okay, putting a rich moisturizer on your face is always a good idea. Your skin thank you for it, and it’s likely you’ll have fewer noticeable wrinkles.

However, never put a thick cream on your eyelids before applying your mascara. Doing so is nothing short of a makeup disaster in the making.

Use a powder eye shadow

Do you like the look of cream shadows on your lids but notice more mascara smudging when you wear it? Well, you’re not alone because any person over the age of 35 may see issues when wearing a cream eyeshadow.

Eyelids can become oilier with age, and it’s possible you may start to experience hooded eyes. You could have more potential of mascara smudging with age.

Consider only using powder eye shadows for daily looks and avoid the shimmer.

Sticking to a matte formula can help you look younger and could drastically prevent smudging. Click HERE to buy a high quality power eye shadow.

Buy a high-quality mascara

One of the problems that can be causing your mascara to move out of place could be using cheap mascara. If you want eyelashes that get noticed and don’t show traces of smudging, it’s ideal to select the best thickening mascara.

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Using the best mascara that is a single step and has fibers while providing you with longer and lusher lashes is a win-win. You’ll want one that’s hypoallergenic and reduces the chances of eye irritation.

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Prime your eyelids

There’s no doubt you’re in a hurry to get out the door each morning. However, how do you want your mascara to look perfect all day?

It’s likely you’ll want to come home the same way you left, and this means no mascara smudging under your eyes. One effective way for you to do this is by using a primer on your eyelids.

This will only take an extra minute to do, and there are so many eye primer options out there that are within any price range.

Add translucent powder

Do you have a bit of loose translucent power on your vanity? It’s likely you may use this each morning to help keep your foundation in place.

If you put just a light coating of translucent powder on your lashes before your mascara, this can prevent smudging. Your mascara will stay in place all day when you put this simple tip to work.

Don’t look like you’ve been in a fight when you step out the door each day. Use these practical techniques to keep your mascara from smudging, and you’ll look flawless as a result.

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