5 Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

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Do you know just how great you can look if you get your eye makeup just right> I love having eyes that get the right attention and I don’t mean looking like a racoon! Do you want others to see just how great your eyes can look?. You don’t have to invest a fortune in your makeup to look well put together each and every day. However, you must learn effective beauty tips that can help your eyes look wider and brighter and in no time flat! I’m here to share with you many of the tired and true makeup tips that have worked for me for years.

Use an eye shadow primer

Do you know I went for many years without using an eye shadow? Well, this is a fact, but when I started, I never went back to bare eyelids!

It’s essential to prime your eyes if you genuinely want your eye shadow to last all day. It only takes a few seconds to do and will make a huge difference in the look of your eyes!

Go light on the eye shadow

Unless you’ve got a hot date or want to vamp up your makeup game, you may want to skip the smoky eye. It won’t make your eyes look bigger but may cause them to appear smaller.

I use LimeLife’s Perfect eye shadow in the color Cream Boat. It feels like pure silk on my eyes and stays all day while being a luxury eye makeup product.

Guess what? It never creases and is ONLY $14 and click HERE to buy it. This is a professional grade cosmetic and trust me one pan of it will last you for MONTHS.

Choose an eyelash curler

Oh, I know how easy it is to skip curling your lashes but why? This only takes a minute to do, and it points your eyelashes up to the sky.

This is what will help your eyes appear much more significant than they are. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter and broader your eyes look when you do this one step.

Wear a liquid eyeliner

I have to say I just recently converted to liquid eyeliner. Yes, I admit it took a while and do you know why? Because LimeLife’s liquid eyeliner gets right next to my eyelashes.

View the video below to see how smudge proof this liquid liner is:


It’s just that easy, and it doesn’t pull and tug at my mature eyes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a pencil eyeliner that will do this.

It’s ONLY $18 and you can get it HERE. Yes, and it will last you a few months! Did you know you’ll get FREE Shipping with any $58 order! Stop the bus.

Use a high-quality mascara

Well, I’ve saved the best for last because who doesn’t love a high-quality mascara? Trust me when I tell you there is a difference in a $2 mascara and a higher end one.

View the video below to see LimeLife’s mascara being applied:

LimeLife’s Perfect mascara will lengthen and lift your lashes like no other! It is made of tiny fibers and only takes one step to apply. Click HERE for this mascara and it’s ONLY $20.

It will last you a good three months! Isn’t your eyes worth that and best yet is it’s hypoallergenic! Yes, have you seen the pollen forecast?

There you have my lovely ladies, and all the steps you need to look bright-eyed day-after-day and in no time all.

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