5 Tips for Using the Best Wax Based Foundation

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Are you ready to learn a secret? Well, I have one for you and that’s how amazing LimeLife wax based foundation truly is and the cute makeup looks you can create It’s the best botanical foundation and this means it’s a wax-based foundation. It goes on super easy and dramatically perfects the look of your own skin while allowing for cute makeup looks! I’ve been using this top foundation for TWO years and I LOVE it. You will too when you add it to your makeup essentials. Here are top reasons to choose this amazing makeup product! Even 50 is not old when you use the best beauty products.

Me without the best wax based foundaton.
Me After applying the best wax based foundation.
Before and After using the Using the Best Wax Based l Foundation by LimeLife.

Removes blotchiness and redness

Getting older has meant a lot more redness in my face for me but I try to think 50 is not old. I do have fair skin, but the redness has gotten more noticeable. This LimeLife wax based foundation gets rid of blotchiness, redness and really evens out my skin tone to help me achieve more natural makeup looks.

This LimeLife wax-based foundation is available in many shades and you can find your color match by taking this quiz HERE and click HERE to buy it.

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Some of the many reasons to love the Botanical foundation by LimeLife.

The Best Wax Based Foundation is Lightweight

The chances are high you don’t want a makeup that feels like you have a ton of makeup on at all days and this will mean using the right makeup essentials. This is especially true if you’re over 40 and heavy foundation can greatly contribute to breakouts or clogged pores. 50 is not old if you rely on this LimeLife wax based foundation each day.

This LimeLife wax based foundation is very light-weight and will allow you to create natural makeup looks. But you can choose the amount of coverage you want to have and click HERE to buy it.

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Regardless if you’re going out on a date or headed to work, you can totally build your coverage because even 50 is not old.

Modele before and after using LimeLife by Alcone makeup products.
How LimeLife by Alcone Foundation doesn’t oxidase like other foundations.

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The Best Wax Based Foundation Lasts all Dayl

It’s unlikely you want to keep applying your makeup while you’are at work all day. Once you put it on and head out the door, you don’t want to worry about your LimeLife wax based foundation.

Listen, mature ladies, this is a PROFESSIONAL grade product that WILL last all day and especially if you use the primer underneath it. Imagine coming home the same way you left.

Voted as one of the top ten foundations in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Model before and after using LimeLife by Alcone makeup products.

Looks like your skin

How many times have you applied wax based foundation and thought it looks too cakey when you’re older? What about getting rid of the harsh lines that comes with some foundations and can reduce the chances of 50 is not old.

Limelife’s best wax based foundation looks just like your very own skin but better by providing more natural makeup looks! This is why so many celebrities use it because it’s not cakey and fake while helping your achieve cute makeup looks.

Below is a video by famous makeup artist Wayne Gross talking about the benefits of using LimeLife wax based foundation:

The power of Using the Best Wax Based Foundation.
Picture portraying the transformation of using LimeLife by Alcone makeup.

LimeLife Wax Based Foundation Fits your Budget

Did you know this top foundation will last for months? It will because it has 50% pigmentation compared to many brands that only have 10% or less. A professional grade foundation that some of your favorite stars use for this price and create natural makeup looks.

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Get your LimeLife wax based foundation on with the right makeup essentials and feel more confident when you head out the door. I feel better when I wear it, and I know you will, too!

Don’t forget to add LimeLife by Alcones forty cure cream to your lotion arsenal. Doing so can improve your skin.

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