5 Tips for Mascara Wearer Beginners

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If you’re like many women these days, you may not wear makeup always. Of course, you probably feel more confident and content when you do. However, there are many reasons you skip mascara altogether. For instance, if you’re staying at home for the day, you may go “Bare lashed.” This is good to do from time-to-time and will give your eyes and lashes a break. However, if you’re ready to amp up your top makeup game, it could be time to put some tried and true lash tips to work!

Choose a high-quality brand

I’ve been around a long time, and I know you get what you pay for when it comes to most things. It’s highly unlikely that a .99 cent mascara will perform as well as a $20 one.

View this video below of LimeLife’s Perfect mascara being applied:


I know this because I’ve used ALL kinds. The proof is in the pudding when you wear the best mascara all day long, and it doesn’t clump or fake and YOU can do this.

You will LOVE LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara because it’s all-natural and cruelty-free. Not to mention it has fibers that will build you’re lashes long and thicker and it’s hypoallergenic. Click HERE to get it for ONLY $20.

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Start with a clean state

The best method for getting lashes that will blow your man away or make you feel like a supermodel is starting fresh. You don’t have to have one iota of mascara on your lashes when working for fuller lashes.

If so, you could end up with a smudgy mess that will look worse than nothing. Always use the best hypoallergenic mascara, such as LimeLife’s best mascara. Doing this will avoid water and itchy eyes especially during pollen season.

Use a lash curler

While your better half may be a bit afraid of this tiny device, it is useful. Curling your lashes before putting on mascara can render much better results!

Using a top lash curler will turn your lashes upward and merely make these look more youthful and attractive. Just put the curler in place and squeeze for a few seconds. This will give you a beautiful and curled set of lashes.

Apply the mascara

The next step to building gorgeous and lengthy mascara will be to apply LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara. This top mascara is vegan free, paraben free and you’ll LOVE it for sensitive eye and it’s ONLY $20. Click HERE to get it.

View the video below to see this mascara being applied:

Comb through your lashes

Lastly, you’ll want your lashes to be entirely separated and have each one stand out easily. Use a small cosmetic comb to ensure there aren’t any clumps in our lashes.

This will be the final touch, and you can have HUGE lashes when you use sLimeLife’s Perfect mascara. Remember it will last for three month!

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