5 Tips for Helping your Makeup Last

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Do you dread putting on a foundation in the summer? Are you afraid your makeup will not look good later in the day? If so, you’re not alone. This is one of the biggest concerns of women when the temperature starts to rise. Fortunately, there are things you can do that will help keep your foundation in place and on your face. Knowing top tips to achieve this goal are the key to your success.

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1. Start with sunscreen

If you want to look younger later in life, it’s vital to wear sunscreen. Choosing one that stays in place and allows for a natural foundation application is ideal.

Some things you’ll want your sunscreen to do is to be at least a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. This will help ensure you don’t get any damage from the ultraviolet rays to your skin.

Relying on a sunscreen that’s of the highest quality may even help your foundation last longer. Click HERE for the best one you can buy.

2. Don’t forget the primer

It can be too easy to put your foundation and place and skip the primer. However, the time to avoid doing this is during the summer months.

Think of your foundation primer as being similar to what’s being used under a coat of paint in your home. It’s vital to help keep the color in place and allow it to look smoother.Putting primer all over your face during the summer will allow for long-lasting wear. It’s much less likely that your foundation will sweat off as , and this is important when it gets hot.If you want a primer that you can spray on your face and is free of silicone, click HERE to buy it.

3. Use a high-quality foundation

One of the most crucial components of keeping your foundation on when the heat hits will rest in choosing the best-rated foundation for your skin.

LimeLife’s botanical and long lasting foundation is wax-based and provides all of the benefits below:

  • Looks like real skin and doesn’t appear cakey.
  • Available in a wide range of shades and click HERE to take a color match quiz.
  • Ideal for dry skin because it’s a wax-based formula.
  • Doesn’t oxidize after application like many drugstore foundations will you buy.
  • Offer 50% pigmentation in comparison to only 10% many others provide.
  • Long lasting wear that’s ideal for the summer months.

Click below to watch a video of this foundation being applied:


This is by far the best foundation you’ll ever use and is easy to apply. Click HERE to purchase it for ONLY $36. Free shipping is available with a $58 purchase.

4. Apply a waterproof concealer

There’s nothing that may help you look younger and less stressed than an under eye concealer. This should be easy to use and can be extremely helpful in reducing wrinkles and puffiness.

The summer months will call for a waterproof concealer if you want it to remain in place regardless of what you do. You may not want to spend a day on the beach or at the water park without having anything on your face.

LimeLife offers a concealer that’s waterproof and provides the ultimate in coverage. It’s so pigmented that this concealer will even cover up tattoos. Click HERE to buy it.

5. Use a finishing spray or pressed powder

The final step to helping your foundation lasts through the hottest days of the year is setting your makeup. You never want to leave home without doing this final step.

You can choose a pressed powder that will set your entire face in just a minute. Click HERE to purchase one that will last for MONTHS.

Another option you can use these days is a finishing spray. Spritzing this across your face after you apply your makeup is the key to keeping it in place regardless of the heat and humidity.

Finishing spray is an excellent option if you have skin that’s mature or very dry. Click HERE to buy this product.

You can look great and beat the heat all while keeping your foundation in place. It may take a bit of extra work, but you can make this happen with these makeup tips.

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