5 LimeLife Cosmetic Products I LOVE!

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Most of you may know by now that I LOVE LimeLife. It’s a skincare and cosmetic’s company that hasn’t been around but only three years I think. I know I’ve been using it for a couple years and I love it. I mainly talk about skincare because that’s what I enjoy. What lady doesn’t need an amazing skincare routine? However, I do love the beauty products and thought I’d talk about my top five LimeLife by Alcone picks.

Botanical foundation

I don’t always wear makeup but when I do this one is top on my list. LimeLife’s botanical foundation is wax based and looks AMAZING! Just to show you how much I love it I’ll drop a before and after picture of me with and without it. Well now, I guess I’m feeling BRAVE today! This is a best selling LimeLife’s cosmetics product.

Some of the benefits of this foundation include it feeling like you have nothing on and how hard is that to find? Yet, it lasts ALL day and doesn’t clog your pores in the process. This is what the CELEBRITIES use folks.

Click HERE to read the benefits of LimeLife’s botantical foundation and below to see the application of this high-quality foundation.


Did I mention this foundation will last for months? Mine will last me about six to eight months wearing it a few times a week and its ONLY $36! There are also LOTS of colors to choose from, and you can take this quiz to find out your color. Click HERE to buy it.

Enduring Lip Color

If you want a lip color that will LAST through eating, drinking or even kissing HA, this is it. It’s not drying at ALL and feels like silk on your lips, Ahhh! Click HERE to read and article on this LimeLife by Alcone lip product.

There are tons of colors that will suit the bold lip lover or the more meek that only wears neutrals. I LOVE the color Macaroon and best yet it’s only $20 investment. Click HERE To buy it.

Perfect Mascara

Is there any osmetic product that you won’t live home without? Yes, most likely it’s mascara.

OMG!!! LimeLife’s mascara separates your lashes like NO OTHER; it’s and ONLY $20 a tube. It will last you at least three months because you know that’s when you need to change it!!! Click HERE to buy it or HERE to get 4 for ONLY $70.

Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

If you’re like me and need an eyeliner but one that is gentle on mature eyes, this is it!!! I love LimeLife’s liquid eyeliner because it is SO easy to use.

The closer I can get to my lashes the better, and this is the eyeliner to get me there. It lasts ALL day and is ONLY $18! Click HERE TO buy it.

Perfect Blush

Can I just say that all blushes aren’t created equal? Okay, some make you look like a clown, and others are sent straight down from heaven!

Well, LimeLife’s Perfect Blush is one of the BEST I’ve ever used. It’s highly pigmented and only takes a very small amount. I LOVE the color blushing, and there are seven colors for you to consider.

Did I tell ya it’s ONLY $24? Let me say this; mine has lasted for a YEAR!!! Yes, it’s a fact cause I’m honest! Click HERE to buy it.

Did I mention shipping is FREE with a $58 order? You can get a few things for $58 and NOT pay to ship. Send me a message on Facebook if I can help you in any way! Check back tomorrow, and we’ll talk about something else, but you can bet it’s gonna be interesting!