5 LimeLife Breast Cancer Items you Need in October

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One of the most challenging times in life is being diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a diagnosis that no woman wants to hear. It takes a lot of strength, preservance and faith to get through such a challenging health crisis. Regardless if you or someone you know has fought the breast cancer battle,  you’ll want to show your love and support. Now you can do just that with the help of a professional skincare and makeup company Limelife. All of these products are free of chemicals and parabens and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for a person fighting this battle. No one fights alone.

1. Pink Pombomb

Our favorite Pomifera Oil™-infused bath bomb can be yours and it’s in pink for a limited time in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Bathing in a pink bath filled with Pomifera Oil™, sweet almond and rose essential oils can lift the spirits of a breast cancer patient.

This amazing Limelife product will soothe and hydrate skin while the aroma calms and relaxes your body and mind. One of the most challenging things of fighting a breast cancer battle is the toll it takes on the mentality of this person. Click HERE to purchase this item.

This is a gorgeous product that ONLY costs $12. Can you imagine how much that special person in your life will love this item?

LimeLife is donating a portion of each sale to Keep a Breast Foundation to help working for a cure. This is certainly one of the most worthwhile causes to contribute to for this condition.

2. One Drop Wonder Woman Travel Case

There’s little doubt that many of your friends may truly feel as if you’re a  superhero after dealing with breast cancer. You may find that others are very proud of your strength and ability to survive.

Regardless if you or a friend has walked this path, you’ll want to add this cute and useful bag to your arsenal. It shows support for breast cancer and can be used to hold many items when traveling.

Show others what a Super Woman you have been regardless of where you go. Click HERE to purchase it for ONLY $26!

3. Pink One Drop Wonder

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, our best-selling product is available in a limited-edition, pink bottle. One Drop Wonder is Pomifera Oil™ cold-pressed from the Osage Orange Fruit Seed and iis by far one of the best anti-aging skincare products on the market.

One Drop Wonder is  full of super antioxidants and is rich in Omega-6 which plays a crucial role in keeping the skin looking refreshed and young.  It helps replenish dehydrated skin and results in a beautiful glow for the skin and offers a more youthful look. This oil absorbs immediately and will increase the effectiveness of your other LimeLife skincare products.

Going through all of the emotional, physical and even financial battle that breast cancer can bring can take its toll and be overwhelming. You can restore your skin and ward off a great deal of stress that may be showing when you use One Drop Wonder every day and this is the pink version.

This would make a great gift for you or a friend or family to use that has breast cancer. There’s nothing like a skin beauty product that is effective to use at a time such as this.

Pampering the skin and working to reduce the ravaging effects of breast cancer can be done with this amazing product. FREE SHIPPING comes with this item! Click HERE to buy it.

4. One Drop Wonder Woman Collection

Getting a set of all these LimeLife products for yourself or another person battling this horrific disesase can truly make a difference in this person’s life. Having all of these chemical-free products to use to help relieve the stress of this situation and restore the skin is ideal.

Choosing the One Drop Wonder Woman Collection will allow you to receive all the items below:

1. One Drop Wonder in a limited-edition pink bottle,

2, Pomifera Oil-infused, pink bath bomb.

3. One Drop Wonder Woman Travel Case.

All of three of these items can be yours for the reduced price of $118! You’ll get FREE SHIPPING for this entire collection! Click HERE to purchase it.

5. LimeLife Riki Skinny Rose Gold

This is the best-selling lighted mirror is available in rose gold for a limited time in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month. Each mirror comes with an adjustable stand, as well as a phone clip and 3x magnifying mirror attachment that magnetically adheres to the mirror.

This device comes with a phone attachment that will allow you to record or snap pictures at varying angles to meet your needs. The lights around the mirror have 5 different settings and the mirror itself has a rechargeable battery. It also has Bluetooth capability, with buttons on the bottom right, so your arm is not in the picture.

LimeLife Riki Skinny Rose Gold mirror is absolutely beautiful and can be used every day by the recipient. Regardless if you’re doing your makeup for the day or simply want to enjoy many of the features this beauty offers, you’ll want to purchase it. Click HERE to do so.

There you have ladies all of the breast cancer awareness items by LimeLife. Support a friend or a loved one with one or more of these items to show you care. Don’t forget a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Keep a Breast Foundation. Hold on tight to the hope for a cure.

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