7 AMAZING Reasons to Purchase a LimeLife by Alcone Makeup Collection

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Get Full Sized Foundation, TWO Concealers, TWO eye shadows, Lip Gloss and Blush for ONLY $136 with FREE SHIPPINg.

Do you love professional makeup as much as I do? Well, I’m past the age of playing around with the el cheapo stuff. I want quality, long-lasting and a foundation that will stand the test of time. Okay, well all day at last. This is what you’ll get with every skincare or beauty product you purchase from LimeLife by Alcone. This company puts the Q in quality and I’m here to tell you of one of the most spectacular deals you’ll ever find.

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First off, I must say I don’t understand why they named this amazing collection “The Teen Collection, “ so don’t let that name fool you. This makeup set is for ANY person that loves high quality makeup at one heck of a low price. I love saving money and get a lot of joy from keeping my bucks in my pocket.

Let’s learn why this is one of the BEST LimeLife By Alcone  makeup ets you’ll ever buy that has SEVEN LimeLife beauty products and it’s ONLY $136 with FREE SHIPPING. Click HERE TO get it.

Voted Best Foundation in Cosmopolitan Magazine
The POWER of this Foundation!! Before and After Photo when Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation.
Before and After Photo when Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation. and it’s ONLY $36.
Before and After Photo when Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation. and it’s ONLY $36.
Before and After Photo when Using LimeLife’s Wax-Based Foundation. and it’s ONLY $36.

1. Botantical foundation

If you want smoother skin that looks like silk and shows none of your imperfections, you’ll want to use a botanical wax based foundation. This is one of the bestselling LimeLife makeup beauty products you’ll find and below are many of the top reasons to choose this high-quality foundation:

  • Looks just like your real skin and feels like you’re wearing nothing.
  • This high-quality foundation is available in 22 shades and click HERE to take a color match quiz.
  • Offers coverage that’s buildable and allows you to get a variety of makeup looks.
  • Botanical wax based foundation is highly pigmented and can last for MONTHS. It only costs $36 individually and click HERE to buy it individually.
  • Hides any flaws and even covers up rosacea and many other skin problems.

Click HERE to read an article on the benefits of LimeLife’s Botantical Foundation.

Save money and get a foundation and two concealers for ONLY $76 and FREE SHIPPING and click HERE to buy it. Click HERE on top mistakes to avoid when using concealer.

Concealer Shades!
LimeLIfe by Alcone Concealer Covers up TATTOO’s!!!!
Before Using LimeLife by Alcone’s Concealer
After Using LimeLife by Alcone’s Concealer and IT’S ONLY $24.

2. LimeLife concealer

Are you ready to cover up those dark circles under your eyes from not getting the rest you should have had last night? It’s a common problem that millions of women face each day and may worsen with age.

Let me introduce the MOST incredible concealer that will change your life and I mean change it NOW. And it comes in this makeup set. LimeLife by Alcone’s concealer will even cover up bold tattoos and below are some of the other reasons to choose this beauty product:

  • Covers up skin discolorations due to many skin conditions.
  • Provides long-last coverage that will stay in place for hours.
  • Water resistant and will remain intact even when going for a swim.
  • Can be used as a primer or even double for a foundation.

This INCREDIBLE concealer comes in EIGHT colors and you will get TWO of these in the collection and click HERE to get it or buy one individually by clicking HERE.

Blush Color Shades
Translucent Face Powder for ONLY $24

3. Perfect blush

Nothing may complete any of your makeup looks like putting on your blush. This will give you the appearance of having a bit of color to your skin and this is especially necessary during the color winter months.

Being inside won’t give you much of a chance to increase your rosy glow but adding a bit of blush to your look can make a huge difference. LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect blush is milled to perfection to give your skin a glow like no other.

This LImeLife makeup beauty product is highly pigmented and only takes a small amount to finish up all of your makeup looks. Best yet, this product comes in 11 colors and you will get it in your set for ONLY $110 by clicking HERE. If you want to buy this blush individually, you can click HERE to do so.

HOWEVER!!! If your blush arsenal is packed and running over, you do have the option to choose the Perfect Bronzer or the Translucent Power in its place with this makeup collection set.

LimeLife’s Prefect Eye Shadow in Cream Boat for $16

4. Perfect Eyeshadow

What doesn’t complete all daily makeup looks better than eyeshadow? Choosing the right colors and textures can make a huge difference in your overall makeup.

The good news is when you buy this set of SEVEN LimeLIfe by Alcone beauty products, you’ll get TWO Perfect Eyeshadows and you get to CHOOSE the ones you want. How amazing is that?

This isn’t your ordinary eyeshadow and the benefits of choosing this high-quality makeup brand are below:

  • Provides an intense color pay out with each application.
  • Long wearing and will remain in place for hours.
  • Easy to blend out to get a seamless eye look.
  • Can easily mix and match colors for a variety of eye looks.
  • Create your own customized eyeshadow palette and there are 36 eyeshadow shades to choose.
  • Wide range of shimmer and matte colors to choose.

You can SELECT two eyeshadows when you buy this AMAZING makeup collection and click HERE to get it for $110 and FREE SHIPPING. Click HERE to purchase one eyeshadow individually for $16.

Are you looking for an AMAZING mascara deal to complete this eye look? Click HERE to view all the LimeLife’s holiday collection markdowns!

Color Range of LimeLife’s Lip Gloss AND Blingy Case for ONLY $18.
Colors of LimeLife’s Perfect Lip Gloxx
Check out the Mirror on the Back and the Beautiful Casing for ONlY $18.

5. Perfect Lip Gloss

Who doesn’t love a non-stick formula that can be used alone or on top of your favorite Perfect Lipstick or Enduring Lip Color? This lip gloss will shine and give the appearance of healthier, more voluminous lips.

One of the great things about this INCREDIBLE lip gloss plumper is it provides a lot of moisturization for your lips. This can be critical during the winter months when the air inside is incredibly dry.

There are 17 beautiful shades to choose from that range from neutral to bold with this lip gloss plumper. This gloss comes in a gorgeous container that has sequins on the top of the case and a mirror in the back! You can check your lips after lunch, during work breaks and even when heading home!

This is one of the SEVEN LimeLife by Alone beauty products that comes in this makeup collection set and you can click HERE To buy it. Click HERE to purchase this item individually.

Click HERE to read the benefits of using LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect lip gloss and HERE to find an Enduing lip color that will last four to six hours!

There you have it you wonderful high-quality makeup lovers! You can have this amazing LimeLife by  Alcone collection delivered to your front door for ONLY 110 with NO shipping costs to you. This is  great way to  start the New Year with seven products that average only $19.42 each and provide you with an overall $22 savings!!! There will be $10 donated to the Brighter Together Foundation with each purchase.

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