5 Affordable LimeLife Products That Make Me Feel Beautiful!

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I’m here to tell you there is no professional skincare or makeup better than Limelife. I’m 54 years old, and I’ve tried A LOT over the years.  I have may favorite times that make me LOOK and FEEL YEARS YOUNGER and you can TOO!!These will last you for MONTHS, and you get FREE SHIPPING with a $77 order.

Botantical Foundation

What better way to get rid of redness, smoother your skin and LOOK years younger? All of this is possible with LimeLife’s Botantical foundation.

It covers like no other, feels like real skin and LASTS all day. The price is ONLY $36 and comes with FREE shipping if you order $77 worth of products. Just check out the before and after’s!

Perfect Mascara

Mascara is definitely a go to and have tried most by now. However, this is NOT your ordinary mascara. It lengthens your lashes with the use of fibers and is ONLY $20.

Omg, it is like the Cadillac of mascaras and will make your lashes LONG. Check out what all this mascara doesn’t have and what this baby can do for you.

Strike Rich Eyebrow Gel

I love framing my face and KNOW that my eyebrows aren’t what they used to be. It doesn’t matter as long as I have this AMAZING Eyebow gel by my skide.

It takes seconds literally to put it on, and it lasts ALL  DAY. This eyebrow gel is available in four colors and is yours for ONLY $20.

Perfect Lip Gloss

All you need is a dab of Perfect lip gloss, and you’ll be good to hit that door morning, noon or night. Adding a bit of color to your face may be all you need some days.

Add this treasure to your cosmetic stash for a MERE $18 and it comes in MANY colors to suit the bold to the meek!!! It’s got the bling and EVEN has a mirror on the back!

Enduring Lip Color

LimeLife’s enduring lip color will last through eating, drinking and giving your loved one some sugar. HA

Where else can you get a professional product such as this one in so many colors AND, drum roll please, it’s JUST $20!!!!

Grab your makeup arsenal at these low prices and save more by getting FREE SHIPPING with a $77 order!! Let me KNOW if I can help because I’m here for you!

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