4 Top Makeup Sponges That Make your Skin Look Perfect

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Finding ways to help your foundation look better every day can improve your overall makeup apperance Perfecting your skin may not be as easy as you’d like to think but it can be done.. However, investing in the best makeup sponge or beauty blender can render a huge difference in the final look. Your makeup will glide on and your overall makeup look may be absolutely stunning. Here are some of the best of the best beauty blenders on the market.

LimeLife Beauty Blender

Of course, you knew I’d have to talk about LimeLife because I simply love this product. This beauty blender is the most amazing one you’ll find available for purchase today.

All joking aside, if you want the Cadillac of makeup tools for a foundation, you MUST try the LimeLife’s beauty blender. Oh my gosh, it’s super high-quality and click HERE to buy it.

There’s little doubt this sponge is in a class of its own and ranks #1 on any beauty list It’s has a rounded bottom for applying your foundation and a pointed end for adding concealer around your delicate eye area. AND it comes it the cutest little carrying case and it’s on SALE!! The beauty blender is on sale for ONLY $18 for a Limited time

Get the Simply Pretty or Teen Collection and get a TON Of makeup products for every day.

Ultra’s Mini Beauty Sponges

If you battle oily skin, you may want to keep a few mini beauty sponges on hand. Some of the absolute best I know of are offered at Ultra Beauty and ring in at ONLY$ 5.95.

Now, that’s a great deal if you’re on a budget and who isn’t these days?These babies are tiny, and only a fraction of the size of the average sponge BUT they are nice to have in your makeup bag for touch-ups during your workday.

Morphe Blending Beauty Sponge

Okay, ladies, if you don’t want to mess around and get the job done, you may need a beauty blender that’s on the larger side. . Choosing a Morphe blending beauty sponge will mean you get the largest band for your buck.

This baby is huge enough to get your makeup on with ease and this doesn’t mean spending hours trying to get ready.. Best news yet is it’s ONLY $8!!!

Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender

Are you a makeup professional or just love to act like one? If so, you’ll want to strongly consider contouring your makeup looks.

Well, using the Sigma 3DHD beauty blender may be at the top of your list to help you look amazing. This baby put the C in contouring and can be yours for ONLY $15!!

This sponge has a variety of sides that truly make it one of the MOST WANTED makeup beauty blenders on any list.

There you have it, girls!! Putting your foundation in place doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a bundle. Choose the sponge or beauty blender that best suits your day and gets you out of the house to do what you gotta do.

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