4 Tips for Getting your Makeup Bag Ready for Spring

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If you’re tired of winter, you’re in luck. This weather has me dreaming of spring, and one of the first things that come to mind is cleaning out my makeup bag. I probably wear less makeup in the warmer months, and that’s okay by me. I do rely heavily on LimeLife skincare to keep my skin looking it’s best. However, there are some things I do when the days get longer.

Tip #1: Throw out products you don’t use

Spring makes me think of ditching the tons of cosmetics I never get around to using. Like the heavy silicone primers and concealers that tend to weigh me down.

I go through each product I have on my vanity, and if it hasn’t been used in weeks, I’ll toss it. Who needs to crowd up a vanity with lots of unused items? My motto is if ain’t getting some love maybe it’s time to let it go!

Tip #2: Lighten up

I wear a foundation hat’s super light-weight in the summer. It feels like real skin and looks fantastic! Yes, it’s LimeLife, and I LOVE it. It’s only $36, and mine lasts for months. Click HERE to get it.

I don’t use powder over my foundation in the summer and typically will wear a much sheerer coverage. I’ll often use a facial oil under this makeup, and that gives me a dewy glow.

This makeup will last for hours and you’ll have less to worry about when the weather really starts heating up in the summer.

Tip #3: Wear a lip gloss

Often I’ll not even bother with lipstick as much when the weather gets warmer. I’ll put on a dab of lip gloss for an everyday look, and this gives me a bit of color and moisturizes my lips and click HERE to get it.

I do love a good lipliner and may line my lips and fill in with it then add some lip gloss. I enjoy having a gloss that has a mirror on the back like the LimeLife one does for a fast and easy touch-up.

Tip #4: Use mascara

I often skip heavy eyeshadow or go for a very light and neutral color on my eyelids. I don’t go without mascara and use a lash curler to give my lashes a lift.

I do choose a high-quality mascara that’s only one step. I know this mascara will lengthen my lashes and provide a much fuller look.

I always use the color black and this one is hypoallergenic and click HERE to get it.

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