4 Tips for Exercising in your Fifties

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It can be tough to stick to an exercise routine regardless of how dedicated you are. I mean, I’m pretty committed and have to MAKE myself get out and do it. In six months , I’ll be a year older. HA. Where has time gone and how did this happen? I already have a weight goal set for that particular day. No one wants to age, but then again no one wants not to, right? I have found how to battle age, feel younger and keep my body moving. It’s by EXERCISING. My tips have worked for me for years so let’s get to it.

Create a schedule

Working from home isn’t the easiest thing to do. I mean, most people may think so, but it’s not. I have writing deadlines to meet, clients to please and a heck of a lot more.

However, I’m gonna exercise, so I create a plan. Do I stick to it? Yes, most of the time and it helps.

I do this on Sundays, and it’s nothing fancy, but I’ll email myself my goals for the week. Such a walking two miles certain days of the week or going to the gym three times.

This works for me, and I know it will work for you. Once you get in the habit, you’ll be more and more motivated to exercise.


I’m past the age of daydreaming even though I do it. HA. I do find thinking about how great I’ll feel after the workout helps me and inspires me to do it.

I know that keeping my body moving is what allows me to continue to do so. Let’ face it, I’m not young, but I don’t want anybody else to tell me that. HA!!!!

The facts

My parents both had massive heart attacks, and that has always concerned me. My mom passed over 19 years ago, and I can’t help but think how many days I’ve lived, and she’s not been able to do so.

Life is a gift regardless if we trudge through some days. Thinking of all the things I enjoy doing and seeing another day does motivate me to move it.

Do I want to keep up my exercise routine, feel younger and have better health? HECK, yeah.

The numbers

I’m not a slave to the scale. I used to be and never ate a morsel of food without weighing as soon as I crawled out of bed. These days – not so much!

However, I try to weigh often because that keeps me on track. I have a blood pressure monitor and check it often. I have blood-work done yearly to see what my cholesterol and other readings are and these are GOOD.

You can make 2019 the healthiest year ever, but it will take work and commitment. I know exercise has saved my life. I’m not obese, housebound, in pain or any of these things and it’s only because I’ve KEPT it MOVING all these years!

That right there motivates me more than anything else. It USED to be for looks I have to be honest, but it’s not anymore. It’s about aging well and remaining independent throughout the years.

I’m thankful, amazed and more than anything else motivated to keep at it the rest of my life.

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