4 Reasons to Join LimeLife in September!

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Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? You may work a full-time job and simply don’t have the time or energy to take on a second one. Starting a LimeLife business is easy and offers a ton of rewards. If you’ve been considering it, this is the month to join. I’ve been a beauty guide for TWO years and I’ve never seen such a great incentive offered as this month. If you join in September, you’ll get a FREE Riki Cutie and this is a $54 value. Keep reading to learn why you should seriously consider this amazing opportunity.

1. Receive a Riki Cutie FREE

Light up the world everywhere you go with the Glamcor Riki Cutie. This is a travel sized, ultra lightweight mirror that features optimum lighting with three stage dimming.

This beauty comes with a rechargeable battery, a shatterproof mirror, and has a built in retractable finger ring and leg stand. You can put this in your purse, on your vanity or simply in your office.

You can store your Riki Cutie in its very own soft carrying sleeve and touch up with perfect lighting on-the-go! Can you image how easy it will be to use this handheld, compact and lighted mirror wherever you may be?

The Riki Cutie has a retail value of $54 and you get it absolutely FREE when you sign up to be a beauty guide. Click HERE to become a LimeLife Beauty Guide today!

2. Get Over $400 Worth of LimeLife Products

I must admit one of the top reasons I joined LimeLife was to get the starter kit! I’m quite sure that I’m not alone and many people do this.

However, once I started using these products I was truly amazed at how much better my skin looked. I was looking younger and my skin looked so much healthier.

Regardless if you’re a beauty fanatic, skincare lover or simply want to start your own business, this is the place for you. You’ll get all of the FULL- SIZED products listed below for ONLY $169 and you can start selling:

Skin Care:

1 Cleanser – You’ll get either a cleanser for oily skin or dry skin in your kit that’s valued at $26.

1 Face Mask – This kit comes with a face mask for either skin type and has a value of $42.

1 Moisturizer – You’ll receive a moisturizer for oily or dry skin at a value of $26.

1 Dew Date – This is an amazing facial oil that tightens and moistures all skin types and is valued at $28.

1 Bamboo Renew – Exfoliating your skin is vital at any age and will this product does just that. You’ll get a full four ounce jar that lasts for months and has a value of $42.


1 Blenderful – The key to any great makeup application will start with using the right tools. This product is of the highest quality and is valued at $18.

1 Blush/Powder/ Trio Palette – One blush, one transclunt powder and a bronzer will come in this kit. This is valued at $72.

1 Perfect Mascara – Who doesn’t need a mascara and this one is the best of the best. Retail value of $20.

1 Perfect Eyeliner Pen – Getting the perfect eye look will require a liquid eyeliner and this one will stay all day at a value of $18.

1 Enduring Lip Liner – Having the perfect pout is easy when you use a high-quality lip liner and the value is $14.

1 Enduring Lip Color – Lips with staying power are in these days and the enduring lip color is the key to making this possible. Retail value of $20.

1 Perfect Lip Gloss – Where else can you find a lip gloss that isn’t sticky, has a bling case and a mirror on the back. The value of this is $18.

 2 Perfect Lipsticks – What lady doesn’t love lipstick? These are of the highest quality and very moisturizing. Retail value of $44.

1 Set of Foundation Cards and Training Materials – Showing your clients the various foundation colors may be high on your to-do list. You’ll get a dozen of these cards, several catalogs and other training materials for your business.

BEST yet is you get to choose from four different color selections of starter kits? These come in light, medium, dark and deep complexion.

ALL of this can be yours for ONLY $169 and this kit has a retail value of OVER $400!! Click HERE to become a beauty guide.

3. Low requirements

Many companies that you may be interested in selling for ask for way too much if you ask me. I mean I can’t always have a big selling month regardless of how hard I try.

The good news is when you sign up to be a beauty guide, you can truly work at your pace. As long as yo sell $300 worth of products only one month in four, you can stay on the team.

This is super easy to do and won’t put a lot of pressure on you. Personally, I don’t work well under pressure and tend to get way to nervous to try do to so.

You get access to numerous training materials, images, product photographs and many more things that may make working your business super easy.

You only have to pay $10 a month for access to the website and you can start selling. How amazing is that?

4. Earn good commissions

There are many levels you can work towards when you start your business. You may find that you want to work as hard as possible and the more you sell the greater your commission will be.

I’ve gone from 20% to 25% commission in just a short amount of time. I love selling these products and it’s so easy to do because of the quality these have.

It’s possible to earn as much as 35% commission as you continue to grow with this company. You also can earn incentives each month and the gifts are super nice.

You can work as much or as little as you want, and this makes Limelife an excellent choice for earning extra money. There are minimal requirements, amazing rewards and starter kit, free Riki cutie and nice commissions. Click HERE to become a beauty guide!

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