5 Reasons LimeLife’s Botanical Wax-Based Foundation is a Must-Have!

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You may enjoy wearing foundation to help perfect your appearance. I don’t always wear foundation but I do feel more confident when I use this beauty product..  I started using LimeLife’s botanical foundation a couple of years ago and I’m AMAZED each time I wear it! LimeLife by Alcone is a professional grade skincare and cosmetics company that can change your world.

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Evens out my skin tone

That’s me in the picture above and well, let’s face it I’m in my MID fifties. (I don’t look it do I? Thanks LimeLife!) I’ve truly e noticed more redness in my skin than I have ever in the past. I do have a fair complexion and burn easily so I try to use skincare products that are the highest quality. Click HERE to read about my skincare routine.

LimeLife’s foundation comes in a wide range of colors, and I wear Gena Beige. Here is a quiz to help you find the right color and click HERE to buy it.

Choose your coverage

Are you going out for dinner withe people you love and want more of a dramatic look? If so, LimeLife by Alcone’s botanical foundation is totally buildable. Use a dry beauty sponge to put it on and the coverage will be heavier and provide a full coverage look

However, if you’re going to work, you may want a sheerer look and this is so easy to do! Wet your beauty blender and apply just one layer of foundation!

Check out the pictures above to see just how much this foundation can cover!!


Looks like real skin

Getting the best makeup foundation that will work to drastically enhances your appearance is the way to feel confident.

I’ve never used a makeup product that’s nearly as effective as this one, and you can’t tell it’s on your face! It looks just like your skin but BETTER and this is what we all want, right?

Long wearing

Do you want to keep reapplying all of your beauty products all day. Oh, heck no! If you’re like me, you want it to stay on ALL day. I KNOW I don’t! I want to put my makeup foundation on and forget it!!!

Listen, ladies, this is a PROFESSIONAL grade foundation that’s one of the best in the world and is used by celebrities. This makeup will LAST all day and this is true when you use a primer underneath it.

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One of the things we all want in any beauty product we get is an affordable price. This foundation will last me at LEAST six months or longer!

This is because its highly pigmented and only takes a small amount to get loads of color! Click HERE to buy it.

Get your LimeLife foundation on and FACE the world with more confidence. I feel better when I wear it, and I know you will, too!

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