4 Must-Have LimeLife Products for Summer

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Don’t you just love summer? Late nights sitting outside listening to the birds sing and sunshine abounding all day. Summer is one of the most fun times of the year. No need to worry about frost, getting too cold or snow ruining your plans this time of the year. However, other things may concern you. Getting sunburns, skin damage, and discomfort from being out in the sun too long and other issues. If you want to glide through summer with no problems while looking and feelling your best, it’s critical to have these must-have products in your arsenal.

Perfect Sunscreen

You finally have a day off and are headed to the lake. How exciting is this when you can have fun and relax while being on the water and soaking in the sun.

However, what is the last thing you’ll want to endure? Keeping sunburn away is the key to making the most of this day. This will require the best sunscreen you can afford.

Dealing with red and inflamed skin may have you shaking in your shoes. Sunburns can be uncomfortable and when severe may even cause the skin to peel. This can lead to sun damage over time and can age your skin.

Don’t put your body through this when you can have LimeLife’s Perfect Sunscreen in your hand. Slather this over your entire body, and you’d never know you’d been outside for hours.

Perfect Sunscreen offers SPF 30 contains organic and plant-based ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin from hazardous damage from the sun while fighting signs of aging. Our three-in-one formula moisturizes, protects and primes skin before makeup application, or can be worn alone. Click HERE to buy it.

Forty Cure Cream

What if you weren’t as diligent as you should have been out in the sun? Maybe you simply forgot to take this item with you, and while this isn’t ideal, no crime was committed. Simply rely on the best healing cream for burns to feel better fast.

If you want to restore your skin after dealing with a harsh sunburn, you’ll need to rely on one of the best selling products at LimeLife, and this is Forty Cure Cream.

Below are some facts about this fantastic wound healing cream:

Treats sunburns, rashes and insect bites by restoring damaged skin.
• Aids with more severe skin issues, such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema.
• Provides extreme moisture to the surface and restores dry skin.
• Made with Tamanu seed oil and Lavender and Citrus essential oils.
• Heals the skin in a concise period when applied regularly.
• Offers an aromatic smell that helps relax the mind and body.

LimeLife’s Forty Cure cream can reduce the pain in your sunburn fast and can allow you to feel better before you know it. Click HERE to buy it for ONLY $38 and FREE SHIPPING with any $77 purchase.

Perfect Glow Body Bronzer

Summer is the time when you’ll get out your shorts and tank top more often. If you wish to stay calm when the weather is hot, you’ll have to dress lightly.

If you want your body to have some color to it and even glow a bit, you may want to use LimeLife’s Glow Body Bronzer. This is a top selling self-tanner because it’s so easy to use. You can get an instant tan in just a few minutes from the comfort of your home.

Another huge advantage of using this product is you can totally avoid the harsh rays of the sun. How wonderful is that to love your skin and have some color to it without damage from the ultraviolet rays. Use this natural tanning lotion to look your best and stay out of the sun.

You can use this product on your face and the entire body because it’s chemical free! Add a burst of sunshine to your skin with this shimmering, liquid bronzer. Its hydrating formula moisturizes and smoothes skin for a smooth application and perfectly natural sun-kissed glow from head to toe.

Don’t spend hours in the hot sun or paying ridiculous amounts to lie in a dangerous tanning bed when you can buy this for ONLY $28. Click HERE to get it.

Bamboo Renew

One thing you must do before applying a self-tanner or a body bronzer is to know how to exfoliate your body. Doing this will allow you to enjoy the perfect application you want without streaking or looking orangey.

Who wants to look uneven when applying color to the skin? I know you don’t and that’s why I’m here for you with top of the line beauty tips and tricks.

If you want silky, smooth skin that feels like you’re a teenager, you must try LimeLife’s, Bamboo Renew. This product will remove dead skin from your body like nothing else and will exfoliate your body.

Who has time to spend hours a day dry brushing? If you’re in a hurry like most of us, use a bath puff with a tiny bit of Bamboo Renew on it and renew your skin.

Your tanner or bronzer will glide on and look so natural. Are you tired of rough and cracked heels but don’t have time for a pedicure?

Simply use this product on your feet, and they will feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Click HERE to get it for ONLY $38, and mine lasts at least a year!

Add all or even some of these items to your summer body bag, and you’re ready to have skin that won’t be affected by the heat. You’ll look your best and be able to enjoy softer and pain-free skin all summer long!

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